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working in the BMW??

Hey All... Newbie here... Need some help!!!

I can't get my Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox player to work in my new 123d Coupe.
(Company leased car I was given 2 days ago!!!)

I can't get the AUX USB feature to "light up" when it's plugged in... Just the regular AUX is recognizing the player...

Any ideas??? Anyone else have the same issues with creative labs equipment?

Also I was supplied with a short USB cable from the company that delivered the car & in the manual I (now) see it states (under bold ATTENTION!!! icon) that when one connects a "device" to the USB port in the car FOR HE FIRST TIME, one MUST UTILIZE the cable that BMW provides!! I unfortunantly didn know this before trying to connect my player to the car with the player supplied cable. When I couldn't get the system to recognize the player (allow me to click on the illuminated AUX USB feature) I went to the manual & saw the dreaded word!! (must use BMW supplied cable)

Did I possibly ruin my FIRST TIME Up-load/recognition feature? (as a test: I used a USB Key with 4 MP3 format songs loaded on it & it worked perfectly when I plugged it into the BMW supplied cable then into the car)

Any help would be much apreceated!!!
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