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Anyone messed with Launch Control yet?

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If you haven't, it's very cool! :thumb:

I did it a few times the other night...the first time I spun the tires, but the next two launches were far more composed...

So find a quiet street and give it a whirl...the only thing I hate is that the Euro's launch at 3500, whereas we get 1500. :cry:

Ah nevertheless. :D
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ya that surprises me too...I don't understand why the dropped it to 1800rpm for us Americans.

They weren't going to give it to us at all so I guess we should count our blessings.
A couple of early magazine tests with standard 6 speeds freported the best launches are at about 2000 RPM.

So maybe we got the the better deal. That is unless you seel tires. :)
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