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Comparo please.. Particularly the XI.
Did the 07's still have the manual oil dipstick?
What is the diff between 07/08?
I have read the 08 has Nevada leather which is better.
Is the new transmission better?

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What exactly do you want to know? I had a 2006 530 with SMG and I test drove a 528 with steptronic, so I can share a bit from my experience.

First keep in mind that my 530 had SMG which is identical to the gearbox on manual car (except the clutch was operated by hydraulic and controlled by computer). So for comparison purposes, the car should be considered a manual car. OTOH, the 528 was a regular steptronic. Both cars have sport package. And I always drive my SMG on the "manual" mode, while the 528 during test drive was on "sport drive" mode (SD on the indicator).

On paper, the 530 produces 255HP vs 528 230HP. On normal city driving and freeway cruising both cars felt to be on par. However when I drove spiritedly, the 528 felt slightly lagged compared to my 530. But when I drove spiritedly on my 530, I selected what gear to be on and so I benefited from having the right RPM.

I think if you're on city and freeway driving, the difference is almost non existent. But only when you drive spiritedly you can feel the slight lack of power on the 528.

To answer your other question about dip stick, all E60 5 series since the 2004 models never had dip stick. The oil level is displayed on the iDrive display.

Also 2007 is the pre LCI (facelift) and 2008 is the facelifted model. There are several differences (different front bumper, tail lights, interior door handle, climate control buttons, radio buttons, etc).

As far as transmission goes, I believe steptronic 07 vs 08 are identical. But if you're talking about 2008 535/550, there's a new option called "sport auto" which is not available prior to 2008.
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