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Anyone recently purchase a new 330i Perf Pkg (ZHP)?

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I'm curious to know if anyone recently purchased a 330i Performance Package (ZHP) and what you paid. I know that BMW is giving the dealer a $4200USD incentive. My local dealer (Erhard BMW) will only discount $2K off of sticker. I know what invoice is for the car with options (Cold Weather, Xenon, ZHP), I just want some firepower when I start "wheeling & dealing." Thanks in advance.
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I bought my ZHP last October from BMW of Ann Arbor and I payed $7k below invoice (ironically, the car was negotiated without leather and I got it at a no cost option, definitely meant to be). However, the car was available on the lot (actually in Minn.) and they were trying to make year end sales figures.

The only way you can finesse the price would be to first shop around, locate one on a lot... which is key, and be able to walk away from the deal at any moment.

Not sure if BMW is still having its special financing deal from last year... hopefully for you, yes.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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alpinewhite325i said:
Are you sure they're closed today and tomorrow???

I've NEVER heard of a car dealer closing two days because of ANY holiday.
A family owned dealer can close or limit operations. But it is strange.
greekzilla said:
WOW!!! $7K below invoice. I located a vehicle in upstate NY. They are suppose to get back with me on Monday with a price (they are closed due to the holiday weekend). I am armed with all the information I need from to get the best possible deal. I just wanted to know how everyone else faired.
Definitely lucked out, and can't take all the credit. Had my old man as my wing. Talk about a shrewd buisnessman and negotiator... I definitely have a lot more to learn.

But the key is always to be able to walk away as if it doesn't matter when you don't think you're getting as good of a deal as you expect with respect to invoice, mark-up, value, etc. Great psychological/buisness tactic.

And don't let them mark-up for option packages on the car in NY. Not your problem. You didn't order it, and they can't move it. So a definite armament in your negotiation repertoire.

Good luck.
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greekzilla said:
Who did you deal with in AA?
The sales person's name was Dewy Sims (sp?). Good guy, loves the cars, professional. And as most sales people, doesn't know as much as the buyer.
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