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Anyone recently purchase a new 330i Perf Pkg (ZHP)?

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I'm curious to know if anyone recently purchased a 330i Performance Package (ZHP) and what you paid. I know that BMW is giving the dealer a $4200USD incentive. My local dealer (Erhard BMW) will only discount $2K off of sticker. I know what invoice is for the car with options (Cold Weather, Xenon, ZHP), I just want some firepower when I start "wheeling & dealing." Thanks in advance.
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seattlelovejoy said:
I got $6.2K off sticker of just over $44K in Seattle area (Bellevue dealer) about 3 weeks ago. It was the last manual ZHP in the Seattle area and one of few in NW. And, it was actually equipped the way I would have ordered...Imola Red, Black leather, Premium, Cold Weather, Zenons. FWIW, Bellevue had the best inventory in region with several ZHPs on lot and a couple in transit (as of then).

BTW, thanks to this forum, I was able to secure this deal with an email and a phone call and picked up that afternoon. I could have done a little better but I thought the dealer profit was reasonable and the car was exactly as I wanted.
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blueguydotcom said:
I fell ill thinking dealers are making 1700 on an e46 at this point.

A well run dealership is going to have profits all over the place-- some will be close to nothing deals, some will be a few hundred, and then others will be $1000, $1500, $2500, $3500, etc. If they've got a good mix, that means that they are taking all the deals that they can, but they are not giving cars away right away to make those deals.

Some people do not know about market allowances. Also, some people don't feel like haggling much and will pay more for a car. If you're giving the car away as a dealer when you don't have to in these cases, you're leaving money on the table. If you've got an educated consumer, you'll need to be realistic. But, there's nothing to be sick about when a dealer does make $1500, $2500 or more on an E46. If people have no problem paying those prices, it really isn't something that should concern you.
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the_s_rabbit said:
Well, we will see. I've got an auto-broker I'm dealing with and he is trying to get me the best deal on my trade so we'll see what he comes up with. When I bought the car a year ago the retail was over 21K. It has 16K miles on it now. KBB retail is over 19K.

The other thing was the $tealer told me that I would get a great value on my trade because he used to work at Mazda and he was saying they don't really offer any incentives on that car, which is true. They only offer a small incentive for recent college grads. But the first time he came back from meeting with his manager and only offered 11K it was like a slap in the face.
As a matter of fact, My sales rep had someone pick up their new Competition Package M3 right before I left. It was parked right next to my ZHP. The guy's kids were going crazy.... Can't blame them.... It's one SWEEET ride..

I don't recall them still having that car in the showroom btw.
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wheel-man said:
I bought my ZHP last October from BMW of Ann Arbor and I payed $7k below invoice (ironically, the car was negotiated without leather and I got it at a no cost option, definitely meant to be). However, the car was available on the lot (actually in Minn.) and they were trying to make year end sales figures.

The only way you can finesse the price would be to first shop around, locate one on a lot... which is key, and be able to walk away from the deal at any moment.

Not sure if BMW is still having its special financing deal from last year... hopefully for you, yes.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
You paid $7,000 below invoice? What kind of hand gun were you holding at the time? That is phenomenal...or do you mean below sticker?

- nopcbs
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But, there's nothing to be sick about when a dealer does make $1500, $2500 or more on an E46. If people have no problem paying those prices, it really isn't something that should concern you.
Just not comfortable with a place making those kinds of margins for doing nothing. to each his own.
Another data point for those of you still in the market - I leased the car in my sig for around $6900 below MSRP, around $650 of profit for the dealer if my advertising estimate is close.

I should point out that the deal got about $600 sweeter for me because of a dealer error that I agreed to re-negotiate on. The original deal was for around $1250 dealer profit ($6300 below MSRP). I was under the impression that my dealer would have walked away from the deal than go lower, except they negotiated using an incorrect MSRP. Since I had already put money into the deal we re-negotiated the price which worked out in my favor.

This was the third dealer I had to use to meet my terms - luckily I live in Eastern PA so I have plenty of NY/NJ/Philly dealers within an hour or two. Offers ranged from $1250 to $1900 dealer profit. I valued the market at about $1000 profit so I walked from 2 deals. Also, the value on my trade was all over the place, shopping around saved me money on my trade also.

Negotiations were handled over the phone or through e-mail, it helped to have a dealer and a salesman who were interested and able to do business that way. We agreed on the value of 2 different cars before we even met - some dealers can't or won't do that.
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Just took delivery on 4/8/2005. 330i w/ Prf Pkg. almost every option available
sticker was 45,405. I recieved a $4600 BMW discount and a $2000 Dealer incentive.
I took delivery in South Florida. My salesman was AWESOME. Delivered everything he said he would and than some.
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