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Anyone selling thier 19" Rims?

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Looking for 650i 2006 -2010 OEM Stock Rims 71216 style rims...thanks!! :rofl:
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PM me your best offer. Mine been sitting I'm the garage for a few months now. Rims are clean with what I can remember no curb rash or very little if any. The tires are almost like new also. I have the first gen style 19's
Do you have a pic?
Sorry I don't have pics but I do know they were in great condition when I took them off and plenty of tire remained on all 4. If your interested just shoot me an offer and if the offer is reasonable I'll take detail pictures for you. The thing is I was never eager to sell because I'm gonna need a set when I decide to resell my car.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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