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anyone stayed at kings hotel?

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in munich? any other recomendations for one night there after pickup? thanks..
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Yup, nice place!

Stayed there in 2002, was a nice place, and a short walk to the rail station. It was recommended by a Rick Steve's guidebook I had at the time.
I'm also interested in feedback re. King's Hotel, the delivery packet had a flyer re. them, with some good rates, may want to stay 1 or 2 nights in MUC upon arrival. Anyone stay there recently, have good/bad comments?

I recommend staying at the Acanthus, loved it. I have shots of it on the link below my signature. Greg is actually from Portland......

Say HI to them from spartacus.
wagonman said:
in munich? any other recomendations for one night there after pickup? thanks..
I stayed at the Kings First Class Hotel there in April of this year (there are 2 Kings hotels, basically across the street from each other - the First Class is the nicer of the two). It's a very short walk from the S-Bahn that I took in from the airport. I thought it was a decent hotel and the free breakfast was standard German fare with sliced meats, bagels, and some scrambled eggs. Took only about 25mins to get to the delivery center on the U-bahn from that same station I came in on the S-Bahn. It's also only a 5 min walk to get to the old part of town from here. There is a tram car that runs on the street in front of the King's hotel so try to get a room in the back if you can. Kings has a special rate for BMW Euro delivery as well, contact Sandra Companogara at (201) 296-0741 and she will make your reservation for you.

- Jeff
I stayed at the King's (85 Euro, not the 95 Euro) two weeks ago and found it clean, comfortable...the rooms a little small by U.S standards but, it's fine. Breakfast was good and there is a seven or eight stool bar off the lobby. Not bad for the price.
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