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Anyone tried these headlight adjusters???

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I am trying to find replacement headlight adjusters and came accross an alternative to the metal ones (those aren't in the budget right now).

Anyone ever used these replacement headlight adjusters?

Supposedly they are made of this stuff HERE
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I have no experience with it.
But I'd not trust it if the ebay seller cannot write proper English:

Here is a picture showing the quality of the adjuster - you can twist it, but it will not brake!!
FYI, I don't know of any adjuster that can brake, not to mention cannot brake.
Very Funny use of words -

Do you know anyting about Polyamide ? Supposedly this is what they are made out of.

From Wikipedia --> Polyamides are commonly used in textiles, automotives, carpet and sportswear due to their extreme durability and strength.

Could just be a fancy word for "plastic" -
Most of my E39 headlight adjuster info comes from this thread ...

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Yes, thank you. I have seen that thread. Apparently the 2003 E39, which we have, has a different glue that holds the lense on that cannot be "baked" to open. There is a way to replace the adjusters but it is something I don't think i can do. I am looking into having someone do this for me but i need to supply the adjusters. I can't buy the aluminum ones right now, not in the budget. Hopefully the alternatives I found will work out.
For the amount of labor and work involved, I would not risk having to do it twice. Get the metal ones, a proven solution. ;)

If you go that route, I guess you can be the beta tester and see if they hold up....but that could be a few years until we know for certain...

EAC Tuning will perform the job for you (2003 E39's), but if you cannot budget for the parts, I doubt you want to pay for their expertise/labor too.
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