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Hi. I have just retrofitted 609 navigation, and was thinking about upgrading my 6WA to 6WB also.

I am not sure how much more the 6WB will give me, so if anyone has an F30 2018 that could share some pictures of especially the navigation part ?

I found this video, which is NOT an F30, I know, but is the F30 6WB only the same graphics/arrows as the 6WA, just bigger and in the center of the cluster ?

Will I actually get more cool navigation guidance with 6WB ?

Has the 6WB graphics changed since it was first introduced, or is all the retrofit videos I see of 6WB on F30 like it looks like in 2018 models ?

I will be buying a brand new cluster as a used one is almost the same price as new here in DK :)

Thank you.

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