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anyone with sound clip of either Eisenmann or UUC TSE exhaust?

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if yes...please post =)

links are good too..... thanx a bunch!
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UUC website has a video and sound file!

Check this link out. I got it right from the website.

or the video at...

Very nice sounding unit! Can't wait until I can get one for the Xi!
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The Eisenhaus website has 2 videos w/ audio of exhaust before & after

installation in an M3. Sounds a tiny bit deeper than the UUC and costs the same, but the Eisenmann volume seems a lot lower than the UUC. I have read at least 2 reviews that claim The Eisenmann is not very loud, too. I'm going for the UUC.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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