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April 12 Production Orders

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Well, there are several of us here with production scheduled on or about April 12. I'd be interested to know everyone's progress from now until our babies get on the boat. My 330i was in Status 151 last Friday and is scheduled to be completed before Friday.

In other words, here's something else for passing the time on this long wait. :bawling:

And here's a schedule of ships leaving Bremerhaven for the US.

to Charleston (depart/arrive)

April 10/April 25
April 16/May 1 (2 ships)
April 22/May 7
April 23/May 8
Aprirl 28/May 13

to New York (depart/arrive)
--I know this is supposed to be Port Jersey, Newark, but the shipper's website listed no ships for Newark, so I'm guessing they list it as "New York":dunno:

April 10/April 23 (2 ships)
April 13/April 30
April 16/April 29
April 17/April 28 or April 30 (2 ships)

to Port Hueneme (depart/arrive)

April 16/May 13
April 22/May 18
April 22/May 20
April 29/May 28

Of course, I don't really know that each ship is capable of carrying cars, but I recognize many of the ship names from others' posts about which ship their cars were on. Apologies to 325's being built in South Africa -- Don't know how to compute your shipping information.
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I am scheduled to be completed on th 12th as well. I called yesterday and was still status 151
Just called BMW, my car is status 152 (in the paint shop) as of yesterday. I am hoping that means it will be completed by today. I am going to keep my fingers crossed! :D
Called and my status is now 160 (Released to Distribution) :D. The person said that is should reach the port by Monday. Anybody have any ideas on how soon I could possibly get on a boat? Also, does any body know how long it will take to get the car (I'm in Chicago)
Thanks for the info. It looks like there are several ships leaving next Tuesday and Wednesday. I am hoping that I will get on one of those. If so I could have my car by early may! :D
I checked today and I am status 190. So my car is on the train. I hope it makes it on one of the boats going out in the next couple of days. I think the wait is going to kill me!
I did Auto under track by cargo and then put my VIN in for the Cargo ID. Is that what I should be doing? If so I have not made it on a ship yet.
Just called and my status changed to 193, so I am at the port of exit waiting to get on a boat :D
I have my fingers and toes crossed, which is no easy feat I might add, that I get on a boat today or tomorrow.
I just called and I still am not on a boat. Since over there it is almost the end of the day, I have a bad feeling I didn't make any of the boats that where going out yesterday or today. :cry: I really hope I am wrong though.
I just called and I got on a boat yesterday :D :D The person said it is supposed to get into port on the 30th, but the only thing is I can't find the ship listed on the Wellenius Wilhelmsen website. She said the name was something like Jingu Manu Or something like that. Anybody have any ideas??
Thank you very much for the info. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe the system is just not up to date and you are on a boat.
Thanks for keeping all of us up to date. I sure hope that your car made it on the Queen Ace, good luck! :thumb:
I am about to call my dealer to see if he can give me a delivery date. I am also going to ask about making sure the right tires are on the car. I am pretty sure I want to get the Michelin Pilots correct?
Not sure if he will be able to help me, but I figure since he is making money on the deal he could at least try. I got his voice mail today and should hear back tomorrow. I will let everyone know what he says.

On another topic, I noticed that the owners circle now shows me as 'en route' :D , but I still haven't had any luck tracking my car on the WW website. I have tried both the full VIN and just the last 7 digits. Anybody had any luck tracking their car?
Maybe someone was watching over you for being such a good soul and compiling the list for us. Either way, CONGRATS! :thumb:
I am still not getting either the estimated delivery date or tracking information either. I have officially lost my mind, I was at a training seminar today and I was checking the sites for updates at the computer there.
Just checked status on the WW website and my car now shows up. Also I tried asking both my dealer and the BMW customer service number about requesting specific tires and was shot down by both. Oh well, At least I will have the car soon. :D

EDIT: Just noticed that the boat has lost a day, so now it gets into port on 5/1 :cry:
TranceLvr might get the Pilots.
Do you know why the rep thought this. Just wondering the logic behind it.

I have not talked to my rep about the mats or the wheel nuts, but I know that both are dealer perks.
Go to and chose 'Search By: ports'. The cars leave from Bremerhaven. Also, not a big deal if you aren't from the US, the dates are in the european format DD/MM/YY, I know that messed me up for a while.
Quick question, for those who are seeing a estimated delivery date on the owners circle, where exactly is it?
Thanks, that's what I figured. I get everything but the EDD. :cry:
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