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April 12 Production Orders

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Well, there are several of us here with production scheduled on or about April 12. I'd be interested to know everyone's progress from now until our babies get on the boat. My 330i was in Status 151 last Friday and is scheduled to be completed before Friday.

In other words, here's something else for passing the time on this long wait. :bawling:

And here's a schedule of ships leaving Bremerhaven for the US.

to Charleston (depart/arrive)

April 10/April 25
April 16/May 1 (2 ships)
April 22/May 7
April 23/May 8
Aprirl 28/May 13

to New York (depart/arrive)
--I know this is supposed to be Port Jersey, Newark, but the shipper's website listed no ships for Newark, so I'm guessing they list it as "New York":dunno:

April 10/April 23 (2 ships)
April 13/April 30
April 16/April 29
April 17/April 28 or April 30 (2 ships)

to Port Hueneme (depart/arrive)

April 16/May 13
April 22/May 18
April 22/May 20
April 29/May 28

Of course, I don't really know that each ship is capable of carrying cars, but I recognize many of the ship names from others' posts about which ship their cars were on. Apologies to 325's being built in South Africa -- Don't know how to compute your shipping information.
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I called BMWNA on Tuesday and my car was status 151. I will probably call again late Friday to see if the car is completed. I am keeping my fingers crossed . . .

I'm not sure the car will actually get on a ship next week. BMWNA says that we could wait up to 2 weeks to ship (I believe they will not ship until they have a full boatload) so we might not get out until the 23rd or 24th putting the ship in NY around May 7th. So I am now thinking I won't see my car until at least the 15th of May.

In the meantime, I am spending a lot of my time checking out the posts on this site and going to Bavarian Autosport to pick up some upgrades.

I'll post again on Friday!
I know I said I would wait until Friday to check the status of my car . . . . but after reading all of these posts I had to find out today :D

My car is at status 153 - Assembly started and it will be finished by tomorrow !!:thumb: :D So, hopefully if all goes well, I'll be on the boat with Darth and TranceLvr. I would love to take delivery in early May. Temp is almost 70 here today and its only going to get warmer.

Keep on posting!
Re: Phone # to get Status?

Case said:
I see everyone mention status numbers and calling BMW. I have a estimated production date of 4/12 and am going through pains waiting. Can someone out there give me that number, or tell where I can find it. Thanks in advance.
Looks like E46Philly answered this one but if you need to know what each status codes means check out E46 Fanatics FAQ .

Good luck!

You give us all hope with production dates of 4/12! The fact that your car was completed last Friday and left yesterday makes me think that there is really a possibility of my car shipping on the 4/17 ship for NY!! :D A bunch of us might be on the same ship.

I just hope that b/c your ship left today, it doesn't take two weeks of orders to fill the next ship. That would really suck! :thumbdwn:

Either way I Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Ride until May

I just got a new digital camera today (to take countless pics of the new car and stereo install when its complete) and I thought I'd post what I'll be riding in the meantime. . .

or at least after I get home from work (I still do have a car).


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TranceLvr said:
Called and my status is now 160 (Released to Distribution) :D. The person said that is should reach the port by Monday. Anybody have any ideas on how soon I could possibly get on a boat? Also, does any body know how long it will take to get the car (I'm in Chicago)
BMWNA has told me it could take up to 10 days (business or regular I'm not sure) to get on a boat. Thaydith's car was done last Friday and shipped this Wednesday so its very possible it could ship next week. Boats are scheduled to leave 4/10 & 4/11 arriving in NY on 4/28 & 4/29. I am in western NY and my dealer said it should take no more than a week to get from the dock to the dealership. I would guess the same would go for Chicago.

Check out Port Schedule (Use Bremerhaven as Departing Port) to check port schedules for other departure dates. Once you are confirmed for shipment, you will be given the ship name and you can track your car as it sails over the Atlantic by entering your Vin#.
BarrowJon said:
Thanks for the correction. I've been given the impression that some of these vessels first port in New York then sail on to Charleston.
I believe the only ship that docks at both NY and Charleston next week is the Figaro departing on 4/16.

It looks like there are now three ships departing for NY on the 16th and 17th! I checked only a few days ago and there were only two. This could be a good sign! :D

Another person to add to the list. I am really surprised that there are at least 5-6 of us with April 12 production dates on this one forum.

I have refrained from calling today to check on the status. I believe the car should have been completed today. Does anyone know whether the plant is open on the weekends? I only ask b/c I don't know how long it takes for the car to be released for shipping after the production is complete. I am just hoping I get on one of those three ships next week. Hell I hope all of us get on one of these ships next week!!! :thumb:

At least once it is on the ship, there will be no point in calling BMWNA until after the ship is docked in NY. Based on some other threads I have read here, after the ship has docked, I will contact a service manager at BMWNA and ask that the car be sent to my dealer with Pilot Sports, not the Continentals. There was a whole thread dedicated to the Pilots vs. Continentals with everyone leaning towards the Pilots.
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Great, two posts in a row for me 10 hours apart. . . :eek:

Anyway, just checked the BMWUSA website and its official, the car has completed production but it hasn't shipped yet. I will call BMWNA on Monday and find out when it will get to the shipping port. I am really hoping they ship over the weekend . . .
From what I've read here, this will happen at the VPC after the car arrives in the US. It is actually a customer service manager that you would need to talk to ask for them to change the tires. This is from an earlier post :Webguy330i : Tires

You will need to contact BMWNA at 1-800-831-1117 and choose "3". BMW is set on complete customer satisfaction. I think you actually have to wait until the car is either on the ship or being unloaded. I do not believe it will cost any more to swap tires, but I won't know until I do this myself. I haven't done this yet so I can post what I went thru after the car arrives in NY (2-3 weeks).

At the prep center, they will do a complete inspection of the car (inside and out) and make sure everything is perfect. If there is any damage caused from the voyage, they will repair it and this information will be published in a report for your car. You can request from your dealer when you take delivery. After leaving the VPC, your car will be shipped in a closed tractor trailer and shipped to your dealer.

Hope this answered your questions :D
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mineallmine said:
Off topic question: how do you interpret the vin? I didn't see any breakdown in the owners manual.
Great posts!
Check out my earlier post to this in a different thread. Ackster Vin # Post

The second link gives better information than the first, but try them both out. :D
Just checked the status and I'm at 182 . . . so my car is waiting to get on a train. BMWNA couldn't tell me when it might get one b/c the train schedules are all over the place and it has to be assigned to one. It doesn't look like I will be getting on a ship tomorrow but since there are two ships leaving for NY on 4/17 I will continue to keep my fingers crossed:D

Anyone else call this morning to find out their status?
Damn you wait!!

Darth Reagan said:

I was waiting for a train as of last Thursday, but Status 182 (doesn't that mean "released to carrier"?).
Status 182 is released to carrier. It was released to the train shipping company (or whatever they call it) but it has not actually been assigned to one yet. The truth is, BMWNA just doesn't know if it is on the train or not. I'll wait until Wednesday also and recheck my status.

At least there is a boat leaving on 4/20 also, but it is SLOW, it doesn't arrive in NY until 5/7 :thumbdwn:

This is probably the start of the worst part of the wait. Waiting for the train/ship is killing me. I'll feel much better when it is on the ship. The next tough part will be when its unloaded at the VPC and then you have to wait for it to be trucked to your dealer. At least then it will at least be in the US. :)
4/12 Production Holders

Since I can't do much more but wait a few days to see if our cars get shipped out, I put together a list of everyone with a 4/12 production date (if I missed you let me know) and their Status.

Darth Reagan - Status 190?
Ackster - Status 182
TranceLvr - Status 190
JerryL - Status 193
02330Ci - Status 193
Case - ?
Thaydith - Shipped 4/10 (Lucky Bastard!!) :thumb:
PBenjamin - Status 193?
BarrowJon - Status 193
Mineallmine - Status 193

So it looks like I might be the only one waiting for a train :bawling:. Hopefully mineallmine is right and they just haven't updated the status since Friday.

So far we have 10 people waiting for cars with a production date of 4/12. BMW will cash in at least $400K just from us, kinda nuts when you think about it! I wonder how many cars are actually finished each day, the numbers must be pretty high.
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I'll see if I can put that together. As long as people have their location listed, this should be pretty easy.
Delivery Ports for 4/12 Production Owners


Here is the list with destination ports (some are too close to call), I put them aphabetically to make it easier to look up.

02330Ci - Status 193 - NY
Ackster - Status 182 - NY
BarrowJon - Status 193 - NY 940 Miles, SC 934 Miles so who knows?
Case - ? - SC 218 Miles, NY 260 Miles so SC is my guess
Darth Reagan - Status 190? - SC
JerryL - Status 193 - NY
Mineallmine - Status 193 - CA
PBenjamin - Status 193? - NY
Thaydith - Shipped 4/10 (Lucky Bastard!!) - NY
TranceLvr - Status 190 - NY 880 Miles, SC 912 Miles so NY is my guess

So looks like almost everyone is going to NY.
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Re: Re: Delivery Ports for 4/12 Production Owners

Darth Reagan said:
If this is correct, looks like both Case and BarrowJon come through NY. I'm the only Charleston port car, I guess -- maybe that means less time at VPC....or that it won't even get on a boat soon, because there aren't enough Charleston bound cars! :cry:

The Figaro, which leaves tomorrow goes to both NY and SC so there is a chance you will be on the same ship.
Updated 4/12 Production List

Make that 11 members waiting for 3 series with a production build date of 4/12:

02330Ci - Status 193 - NY
Ackster - Status 182 - NY
BarrowJon - Status 193 - NY 940 Miles, SC 934 Miles so who knows?
Case - ? - SC 218 Miles, NY 260 Miles so SC is my guess
Darth Reagan - Status 190? - SC
JerryL - Status 193 - NY
Mineallmine - Status 193 - CA
PBenjamin - Status 193? - NY
Thaydith - Shipped 4/10 (Lucky Bastard!!) - NY :thumb:
TranceLvr - Status 190 - NY 880 Miles, SC 912 Miles so NY is my guess

Newest Addition:
Modeboy - Status 190 - SC

This list is getting pretty long. . .
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Thanks guys!! :D

Well now it looks like there are 12 total members waiting on 3 series with a production build date of 4/12:

02330Ci - Status 193 - NY
Ackster - Status 182 - NY
BarrowJon - Status 193 - NY 940 Miles, SC 934 Miles so who knows?
Case - ? - SC 218 Miles, NY 260 Miles so SC is my guess
Darth Reagan - Status 190? - SC
JerryL - Status 193 - NY
Mineallmine - Status 193 - CA
Modeboy - Status 190 - SC
PBenjamin - Status 193? - NY
Thaydith - Shipped 4/10 (Lucky Bastard!!) - NY :thumb:
TranceLvr - Status 190 - NY 880 Miles, SC 912 Miles so NY is my guess

Newest Addition:
SMB - Shipped 4/10 w/Thaydith - NY or SC? :thumb:

The list and this site are the things keeping me sane . . .

I will wait until at least Thursday to update our status codes. I am hoping all of us goto status 195 - Shipped from Port of Exit :thumb: :D :thumb: :D
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I was trying to be strong and not call until Thursday, but thanks to all of the updates from everyone, I couldn't resist. :tsk:

I am now at status 190 so I am at least officially on the train! Looks like I won't get to Bremerhaven until tomorrow so my chances are getting pretty slim to get shipped this week. :bawling:

I will still end up calling BMWNA Friday to see if I maybe, possibly got shipped. Truth is I will probably still call them tomorrow, the next day, the day after that . . . .
100th Post!!

Glad to see that you guys are on a ship. I will find out tomorrow whether or not I actually got on a ship this week. For the rest of you still waiting, here's hoping we get on this week! It would be great if we all got our vehicles at around the same time.

I will be also looking forward to Bimmerfest - East Coast to meet all of you guys!

I have heard that you can actually pick up your car at the VPC and save the $500 or so on destination charges. For me, this would save me at least $400 ($50 for plane ticket and $50 for fuel/thruway fees). Has anyone heard of this? I should probably post this as a question on the main site.

Oh by the way, 100 posts and going! :thumb:
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