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April 12 Production Orders

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Well, there are several of us here with production scheduled on or about April 12. I'd be interested to know everyone's progress from now until our babies get on the boat. My 330i was in Status 151 last Friday and is scheduled to be completed before Friday.

In other words, here's something else for passing the time on this long wait. :bawling:

And here's a schedule of ships leaving Bremerhaven for the US.

to Charleston (depart/arrive)

April 10/April 25
April 16/May 1 (2 ships)
April 22/May 7
April 23/May 8
Aprirl 28/May 13

to New York (depart/arrive)
--I know this is supposed to be Port Jersey, Newark, but the shipper's website listed no ships for Newark, so I'm guessing they list it as "New York":dunno:

April 10/April 23 (2 ships)
April 13/April 30
April 16/April 29
April 17/April 28 or April 30 (2 ships)

to Port Hueneme (depart/arrive)

April 16/May 13
April 22/May 18
April 22/May 20
April 29/May 28

Of course, I don't really know that each ship is capable of carrying cars, but I recognize many of the ship names from others' posts about which ship their cars were on. Apologies to 325's being built in South Africa -- Don't know how to compute your shipping information.
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jher said:
Mine has been at the dock since Monday.
Maybe yours is just waiting for mine to arrive, and then off they'll go on the next ship. :thumb: :thumb:
TranceLvr said:
I am scheduled to be completed on th 12th as well. I called yesterday and was still status 151
Well, surprisingly, the Owner's Circle now tells me my car has been built and is awaiting transport. So, either the Owner's Circle is up-to-date or it was built several days ago! Haven't called BMWNA yet to see if it is in Bremerhaven or still in Munich. Maybe I can hold out til tomorrow. Next ship leaves on the 16th....hope I'm on it!

And this for an "estimated production date" of April 12....those Germans are flying!
jher said:
My car got to the dock on 4/8, and according to BMW, made the boat yesterday that arrives on 4/23. I hope the rest of you with 4/12 production have the same good luck.
So yours is coming in to NY? I just don't want to hear that a full boat just left for Charleston!!!!

Congrats. You are now about 3 weeks away.
jher said:
My car got to the dock on 4/8, and according to BMW, made the boat yesterday that arrives on 4/23. I hope the rest of you with 4/12 production have the same good luck.
I think you can see what boat you are on by going to this site and typing in your VIN. I don't know how up to date it is, but let us know if it shows you on the boat.
Ordered 3/25
VIN Assigned, 150 status 3/27
Status 151, 4/5
Status 182, 4/11 (released to carrier, but still at the plant, so says BMWNA)

So, it looks like my 330i will make it to port by 4/16, when the next ship is scheduled to leave. Let's hope we are all ready to go then. Once the ship sails, I guess that puts us about 3 - 3 1/2 weeks away!
Re: O yeah BOSTON

pbenjamin said:
Boston MA
Am I the only one who will be on a Charleston bound boat?
Yep, I can tell that Owners Circle can't be any more than a day or two off. That's better than the weeks off that has been reported. It said mine was built on Thursday and I doubt it went to 182 before Tuesday, so that's better. Of course, since it says "Produced not shipped" now, I'm hoping its slow!
Re: Here's Another One

BarrowJon said:
............. My car comes to cental IL, so not sure wether it comes off in NY or NC, does anyone know? Hopefully several of us will be taking delivery within the next few weeks.

Well, I'm sure it isn't off loaded in NC. Charleston is in South Carolina.

For some reason, I think yours will go to NY, but I may be wrong (I actually think NY is a slightly shorter voyage).
BarrowJon said:
Thanks for the correction. I've been given the impression that some of these vessels first port in New York then sail on to Charleston.
That's what the BMWNA person told me on the phone this week. However, the shipper's website doesn't seem to agree. Who knows?
Ackster said:
Anyone else call this morning to find out their status?
I was waiting for a train as of last Thursday, but Status 182 (doesn't that mean "released to carrier"?). I really don't want to call and hear that I'm still waiting on the train. Maybe I'll wait til Wednesday to call so that can tell me I'm on the boat. I hope.
Re: 4/12 Production Holders

Ackster -- Good work. I can't confirm that I am status 190. I'll call tomorrow or Wednesday, if I can hold out. So, it's very possible that yours is sitting in a lot next to mine in Munich...let's hope not. I like the idea that BMW's computers in Germany are down. And, according to BMWNA, I may end up on a boat bound for NY, which will then port at Norfolk (for what?) and then at Charleston. So all those east coast deliveries could be on the same voyage.

Now, if you could compile a list of who's going to NY, who's going to Charleston and who's going to California . . .

Let us know when your vehicle shows up on the shipper's tracking system on their website at
E46 in Philly said:


Do we use BMW's production number for tracking, or the VIN? I know the boat I'm on, and its schedule, but I haven't been able to specifically track my car at that site with either of those numbers.
Its my understanding that you use the VIN. I could be wrong since I don't have a car on a boat to track.
Re: Delivery Ports for 4/12 Production Owners

If this is correct, looks like both Case and BarrowJon come through NY. I'm the only Charleston port car, I guess -- maybe that means less time at VPC....or that it won't even get on a boat soon, because there aren't enough Charleston bound cars! :cry:

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Re: Re: Re: Delivery Ports for 4/12 Production Owners

Ackster said:

The Figaro, which leaves tomorrow goes to both NY and SC so there is a chance you will be on the same ship.
Here's hoping we are all humming The Barber of Seville tomorrow.:confused:
Well, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to call.

My 330i is in Status 193 and arrived at the port on the 12th. I asked if it could be on a boat and if he just wasn't updated, and he said maybe, and to call back tomorrow.

If I didn't make this boat, I guess I'll have to wait until at least the 22nd to get on the water, pushing delivery to Charleston back to May 7. Oh well.
TranceLvr said:
I just called and I still am not on a boat. Since over there it is almost the end of the day, I have a bad feeling I didn't make any of the boats that where going out yesterday or today. :cry: I really hope I am wrong though.
I just checked the website. It seems the Figaro was originally scheduled to leave Bremerhaven yesterday, but is now scheduled for maybe there's still time to get on it. It is scheduled to reach New York on April 29 and Charleston on May 1. Voyage number is EC201-FIG.

Maybe there is still hope. :thumb:
modeboy said:
I just called BMWNA this morning, and my car is on a boat! The vessel name is the Tellus, which arrives in Charleston on 05/01/02. :D :D
Congratulations! Mine should have arrived at the port when yours did, so I don't see why it wouldn't be on the Tellus. I guess I should call BMWNA and go ahead and get the, um...good news.
:D :D :D :D

I'm on the Tellus. It left yesterday from Bremerhaven, which means today it is in Zeebrugge, Belgium. It is scheduled to port in Charleston on May 1. It doesn't make a stop in NY, so I guess I'm with modeboy

I called BMWNA yesterday and they reported that it was not yet on a ship, so if you haven't called back today, give it a shot.

:lmao: :D :) :D :bigpimp: :bigpimp:
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