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April 12 Production Orders

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Well, there are several of us here with production scheduled on or about April 12. I'd be interested to know everyone's progress from now until our babies get on the boat. My 330i was in Status 151 last Friday and is scheduled to be completed before Friday.

In other words, here's something else for passing the time on this long wait. :bawling:

And here's a schedule of ships leaving Bremerhaven for the US.

to Charleston (depart/arrive)

April 10/April 25
April 16/May 1 (2 ships)
April 22/May 7
April 23/May 8
Aprirl 28/May 13

to New York (depart/arrive)
--I know this is supposed to be Port Jersey, Newark, but the shipper's website listed no ships for Newark, so I'm guessing they list it as "New York":dunno:

April 10/April 23 (2 ships)
April 13/April 30
April 16/April 29
April 17/April 28 or April 30 (2 ships)

to Port Hueneme (depart/arrive)

April 16/May 13
April 22/May 18
April 22/May 20
April 29/May 28

Of course, I don't really know that each ship is capable of carrying cars, but I recognize many of the ship names from others' posts about which ship their cars were on. Apologies to 325's being built in South Africa -- Don't know how to compute your shipping information.
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Status 193

I also had scheduled production of 4/12. Just got off the phone with bmw and they said car is in code 193. Finished production and at the port of exit waiting to be shipped. Could provide no further info about when it would actually ship other than probably a few days but they have no idea what the "situation" is over there. He said to call back in a few days for a further update.

2002 330ci
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Oh, the agony of the wait. Been in status 193 since last wednesday. My baby is going to grow gills and start the trip back on her own soon. I'll call bmwna again today, hopefully she'll be on a boat soon.
Just got off the phone with bmwna and they said my car has made it on a boat! She couldnt give me a boat name or vessel id because she said that system was down. Ill call back later to see if I can get it. I'm curious to see what everyone else's status is now.
Keep the faith Darth, system probably hasnt been updated yet. Everytime I call their having some type of "computer issue", updates are sketchy at best.
Bad news for me. Called BMWNA back today for the ship name and they said its not on a boat. Said, as usual, there was a glitch in the system yesterday which is why they told me it was on a boat when it wasnt. Still at the port waiting. Looks like I'll be waiting until next week as well.:( :( :(
I am so dissapointed. Called BMWNA and they say my car is still status 193. Been at the port since the 10th! I mean whats the deal here? I want my car. Ok, I vented, I'm better now.
Thanks pbenjamin

You were right, I just called and I'm on the Queen Ace. I had been calling all week including last nught and each time it was at the port. I gave up and figured I'd just start calling next week. But after seeing your post I gave it another shot. Still not showing up on owners choice or ships tracking site yet but hopefully over the weekend the systems will catch up. People not on a boat headed into the NY port should give em another call maybe youre on a boat as well. Good luck all.
Ackster, you should check. You deserve to be on the boat for your hard work here.
I just read that thread about them logging your calls when check your status. That is too funny. I really dont care but they're all probably laughing at how much I call. Even though it is only once a day. Thats not much is it? Heck, I'm starting to recognize their voices - lol
For folks on the Queen Ace

For cars that left from Germany on the Queen Ace, has owners choice been updated or can you track thru the shipping site? Still not registering as being shipped on owners choice for me. I'm still going with bmwna who said I was on the Queen Ace when I called on Friday.
Just checked owners circle again it is now updated as "en route".

BarrowJon, did you check "Review order detail", under there has me with an estimated delivery date of 5/7/02.
Detailing Tips

Hi All,

Since most of us are now on boats and we have some time to relax before our new rides arrive, I started a thread on the bimmerfest detailing forum. Since, I am asahmed to say a previous automatic car wash user I needed some advice on products to use. I searched the archives and car detailing sites about products to use and even an emergency bird *hit kit to keep handy. I compiled a list of my findings and posted it. If you have the time to visit the thread and give me your advice, I'd appreciate it. I was thinking about posting it here but wanted to keep this topic on the subject at hand. Thanks.
Great news. 28th sounds better than the 30th to me. Too bad the shipping site doesnt update their ships status. Still cant get my vin number to give me a status on the auto tracking portion of their site. Ah, well. Its getting close.
By the way Ackster, what part of NY do you hail from?

When I first checked the scedule on the shipping site last week, it stated arrival at port was 4/30. Again last week when I spoke with BMWNA they stated arrival at port would be 4/28. Thought maybe they were being optimistic. Just checked the shipping site again and now they state arrival of 4/28 as well. This is great news. These last days will be TORTURE.

NEW YORK,NY___U.S.A.____28/04/2002___28/04/2002
From tires to wheel locks...

Did you get wheel locks standard with your car?
Is this a dealer specific perk or something that mostly likely needs to be ordered?
I need to check with my sales guy because if I cant get him to throw em for free for the 30 or so bucks it seems a small price to pay. I want to let them know ahead of time though so I dont have to wait at pickup time. Thanks.
Once you've logged into owners circle:

1. Click on "order tracking" from the main inner menu selection.
2. Watch or click skip the flash intro
3. Now from the menu on the left you should see under vechicle order tracking, the selections:
a. On order
b. Scheduled for Production
c. Awaiting transport
d. En Route
e. At Preparation Center
f. At your BMW center
g. Review order detail

4. Choose "Review Order Detail"
5. Now in the middle of the order details you should see "Estimated Arrival Date"

Hope that helps :thumb:


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Thanks Ackster, you the man :thumb:

Estimated Delivery Date: 05/07/2002

Sorry to hear of your loss. My sympathies to you and your family.
Bad news I think. Called BMWNA to check car status and he said its on its way to the vpc. States the system shows it scheduled to be released to the dealer on the 6th. But he said the vpc is very backed up and hed be surprised if it made it to the dealer before the end of next week. Now I'm offically depressed.
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