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April 12 Production Orders

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Well, there are several of us here with production scheduled on or about April 12. I'd be interested to know everyone's progress from now until our babies get on the boat. My 330i was in Status 151 last Friday and is scheduled to be completed before Friday.

In other words, here's something else for passing the time on this long wait. :bawling:

And here's a schedule of ships leaving Bremerhaven for the US.

to Charleston (depart/arrive)

April 10/April 25
April 16/May 1 (2 ships)
April 22/May 7
April 23/May 8
Aprirl 28/May 13

to New York (depart/arrive)
--I know this is supposed to be Port Jersey, Newark, but the shipper's website listed no ships for Newark, so I'm guessing they list it as "New York":dunno:

April 10/April 23 (2 ships)
April 13/April 30
April 16/April 29
April 17/April 28 or April 30 (2 ships)

to Port Hueneme (depart/arrive)

April 16/May 13
April 22/May 18
April 22/May 20
April 29/May 28

Of course, I don't really know that each ship is capable of carrying cars, but I recognize many of the ship names from others' posts about which ship their cars were on. Apologies to 325's being built in South Africa -- Don't know how to compute your shipping information.
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Re: Here's Another One

BarrowJon said:
............. My car comes to cental IL, so not sure wether it comes off in NY or NC, does anyone know? Hopefully several of us will be taking delivery within the next few weeks.

Well, I'm sure it isn't off loaded in NC. Charleston is in South Carolina.

For some reason, I think yours will go to NY, but I may be wrong (I actually think NY is a slightly shorter voyage).
Thanks for the correction. I've been given the impression that some of these vessels first port in New York then sail on to Charleston.
BarrowJon said:
Thanks for the correction. I've been given the impression that some of these vessels first port in New York then sail on to Charleston.
That's what the BMWNA person told me on the phone this week. However, the shipper's website doesn't seem to agree. Who knows?
BarrowJon said:
Thanks for the correction. I've been given the impression that some of these vessels first port in New York then sail on to Charleston.
I believe the only ship that docks at both NY and Charleston next week is the Figaro departing on 4/16.

It looks like there are now three ships departing for NY on the 16th and 17th! I checked only a few days ago and there were only two. This could be a good sign! :D

Another person to add to the list. I am really surprised that there are at least 5-6 of us with April 12 production dates on this one forum.

I have refrained from calling today to check on the status. I believe the car should have been completed today. Does anyone know whether the plant is open on the weekends? I only ask b/c I don't know how long it takes for the car to be released for shipping after the production is complete. I am just hoping I get on one of those three ships next week. Hell I hope all of us get on one of these ships next week!!! :thumb:

At least once it is on the ship, there will be no point in calling BMWNA until after the ship is docked in NY. Based on some other threads I have read here, after the ship has docked, I will contact a service manager at BMWNA and ask that the car be sent to my dealer with Pilot Sports, not the Continentals. There was a whole thread dedicated to the Pilots vs. Continentals with everyone leaning towards the Pilots.
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Great, two posts in a row for me 10 hours apart. . . :eek:

Anyway, just checked the BMWUSA website and its official, the car has completed production but it hasn't shipped yet. I will call BMWNA on Monday and find out when it will get to the shipping port. I am really hoping they ship over the weekend . . .
Tell me more about how you can influence which tires get put on your vehicle. Does this take place at the "preparation center?" Or for that matter, what all goes on at the "preparation center?" How do you make contact with the BMW NA Service Manager to make this happen? Sorry for so many questions, but you've perked my interest. Thanks!
From what I've read here, this will happen at the VPC after the car arrives in the US. It is actually a customer service manager that you would need to talk to ask for them to change the tires. This is from an earlier post :Webguy330i : Tires

You will need to contact BMWNA at 1-800-831-1117 and choose "3". BMW is set on complete customer satisfaction. I think you actually have to wait until the car is either on the ship or being unloaded. I do not believe it will cost any more to swap tires, but I won't know until I do this myself. I haven't done this yet so I can post what I went thru after the car arrives in NY (2-3 weeks).

At the prep center, they will do a complete inspection of the car (inside and out) and make sure everything is perfect. If there is any damage caused from the voyage, they will repair it and this information will be published in a report for your car. You can request from your dealer when you take delivery. After leaving the VPC, your car will be shipped in a closed tractor trailer and shipped to your dealer.

Hope this answered your questions :D
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I called my dealer today to inquire about the brand of tires that should come with the 330Ci with SP. He told me they just received a customer sold order and would check the type of tires that it came with. He just called me back to say that they came with Dunlops. I feel that they are a pretty good tire. Anyone have any thoughts on Dunlops?

JerryL said:
Anyone have any thoughts on Dunlops?
Hey Jerry,

Mine came with Dunlops as well. They're Dunlop SP8080E tires. They're generally good, with quite a lot of grip. They're not as aggressive as Pilot Sports, but from what I hear they're much better than getting Contis.

They're terrific in wet, which from what I hear the Pilots are not.
Ackster - Thanks for the info, will watch to see how you make out in arranging for a tire swap.
It's time I stop lurking so much and start contributing:
For what it's worth, I too had a production date of April 12 for my 530i. It changed to 193 last Thursday.
I went to the shipping link posted earlier in this thread and keyed in my vin under "auto" and they had no record.
Off topic question: how do you interpret the vin? I didn't see any breakdown in the owners manual.
Great posts!
mineallmine said:
Off topic question: how do you interpret the vin? I didn't see any breakdown in the owners manual.
Great posts!
Check out my earlier post to this in a different thread. Ackster Vin # Post

The second link gives better information than the first, but try them both out. :D
Does anyone know how accurate the "Estimated Delivery Date" usually is that shows on Owners Circle? My car is expected to arrve at the VPC in NJ on 4/23, and my estimated delivery date is 4/26. I about shit my pants when I saw that but it couldn't be right because it has to go to Springfield, MA from there.
Where does it show "estimated delivery date" on the owners circle? I cannot seem to find it. It says my vehicle is awaiting transport. If your car is in Jersey on the 23rd, give them 2 days to look it over and 1 day travel to MA, puts it at the 26th. Jeez...less then 2 weeks.
Oh, the agony of the wait. Been in status 193 since last wednesday. My baby is going to grow gills and start the trip back on her own soon. I'll call bmwna again today, hopefully she'll be on a boat soon.
Hopefully we make the boat!

Will be hoping we all make the boats this week.

Just checked the status and I'm at 182 . . . so my car is waiting to get on a train. BMWNA couldn't tell me when it might get one b/c the train schedules are all over the place and it has to be assigned to one. It doesn't look like I will be getting on a ship tomorrow but since there are two ships leaving for NY on 4/17 I will continue to keep my fingers crossed:D

Anyone else call this morning to find out their status?
I checked today and I am status 190. So my car is on the train. I hope it makes it on one of the boats going out in the next couple of days. I think the wait is going to kill me!
Ackster said:
Anyone else call this morning to find out their status?
I was waiting for a train as of last Thursday, but Status 182 (doesn't that mean "released to carrier"?). I really don't want to call and hear that I'm still waiting on the train. Maybe I'll wait til Wednesday to call so that can tell me I'm on the boat. I hope.
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