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April 19th Production, Headed to West Coast??

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Anyone else with a production date this week with west coast delivery who wants to compare notes? Mine is supposed to head to Bremerhaven by train tomorrow, I'm hoping it will get on Monday's departing boat, the Procyon Leader. If it doesn't make it Monday, the next departure is the 29th. :thumbdwn:

Here's the detail on my order:

Deposit made on Sat. March 16
Vehicle ordered on Tues. March 19 showed it On Order within a day
Soon after, showed April 19th as Scheduled for Production
Calls to BMWNA:
Friday April 19 151
Monday April 15th 152
Tuesday April 16th 152
Thursday April 18th 182
Was told it would be 190 on the 19th.

on order (newborn!!!):
330 Cic Topaz /Grey/Black, SP,PP,CWP,BiXe,ST
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What dealer did you deal with? I have a car ordered through a dealer in Denver, and they f*cked up the options. Now I have to wait another two months.... Just make sure they got your options right.
I ordered through Gebhardt in Boulder. No problems with the order at all, my salesman (Wes Miner) has done a great job so far.

I've heard some bad stories about one of the dealerships in Denver. Which one messed up your order? Did they provide you with the production number so you could look it up online?
Mine looks like this:

4/12 Fri : (order + deposit) Status 112
4/12 Fri : Status 150 (good timing I guess!)
4/17 Wed : Chassis number assigned
4/18 Thurs : 151
4/19 Fri : 152

Mine has no chance, but I hope yours makes the early boat. Otherwise we may end up on the same one...

Good luck!

I ordered my 330xi two weeks ago, also in Colorado, and it is now "in production". Have you guys been calling BMWNA to get the status numbers or the dealer? If it's BMWNA, please post the phone #. My dealer doesn't seem to enjoy divulging any more information than I can find on the Owner's Circle.

Also, what kind of estimated dates have you gotten for delivery in Colorado? I was told the end of June!!! That sure seems like a long time if it's going to be finished this week!

Here ya go........ 1-800-831-1117 x 3

This is the number you want to call (have your production number or VIN handy):

(800) 831-1117 option 3

You can also look at the shipping schedules, and based on your production date, get an idea on your own of what ship it might make it on and when it will arrive:

Remember your car may need to go by train to the port in South Africa or Germany. Mine is going Bremerhaven --> Port Hueneme, California, which is scheduled to take 30 days on the ship I think it should make it on (provided there are no problems). Then you have to add a few days for VPC plus however long it takes the truck to get to your dealer. Finally you can add however long your salesman wants to loan your car out to his teenaged son before he finally calls. {grin}

Good luck!

Always takes longer than they say...

My car arrived in the port at Huenume a few days earlier than expected, Made the trip from Bremerhaven where it sat for about two weeks and then sat at the VPC for 17 days. My dealer then lied to me about when it arrived at the dealership because she was busy with another customer. Oh yeah and sometimes they have to repair damage done by the longshoremen doing burnouts on the ship, I think Ripsnort has some pics of this actually happening. Good luck.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but it sounds like what happened to you was the exception and not the norm. When these ships are filled with cars, it would be pretty tough to do many "burnouts" with that little space to spare. I would love to see these pix you mentioned - maybe you can post a few??

My status as of today: (Monday, April 22)

193, waiting to be placed on a ship.

I should know tomorrow if it makes it on the Procyon Leader scheduled to leave today. So far, everything has gone according to the very original schedule I received the day after my 330 was ordered. I think it was actually a day or two early in leaving the plant.
She's on the water!!!

Called BMWNA this morning and found out that not only did my 330 ship, she shipped a few days early. I made it on the Blue Hawk, which set sail on Saturday the 20th, scheduled to arrive in Hueneme on May 16th. now shows my status as "En Route". Sunday night it still indicated "Awaiting Transport." Overall, the site has been accurate to within a few days of the info available by calling BMWNA.

Just for the heck of it, I tried tracking on Wallenius Wilhelmsen's web site (the shipping company - Sure enough, my VIN number brought up all my info and confirmed that it was loaded on the ship on the 20th.

Now the 4 week wait with no changes in status, barring a storm on the ocean causing the ship to sink.....
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