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are dunlop tires worth it ?

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i ordered kumho ECSTA supra 712 225/50/16... but the wrong tires were sent to the shop :dunno:

the shop offered me a set of Dunlop sp sport 8000 (same size i ordered) for the same price....which is 120 for each tire TOTAL...

...wondering if its worth it...
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$120 is pretty pricey for SP8000s in that size, but of all the tires I've ever actually used, they're still my all-time overall favorites. Especially for the price, its a really good all-around (grip, wear, noise, ride) performer.
Totally. I had SP8000 Es on my 98 A4, which lasted 28,000 miles! (car was driven hard)

I agree with Kaz, they're a bit pricey (paid $130.00/tire when I replaced them) for 205/55 R16 tires... But at least they're Z rated :D (I know, who needs Z rated tires on 55Mph roads? :dunno: )

Actually, that's gotta be the reason why they're pricey - Z rated.
I enjoyed my SP8080's... a very quiet, comfortable high performance tire. The Sumitomo HTRZ2 is even quiter with better grip & wet performance and its cheaper. The HTRZ2 is built on a Dunlop carcass.
$120 from a local reseller?

or from tirerack?

local resellers typically make 50-80% profit on tires they sell to dumb people (i.e. not internet savvy) and 10% on tirerack tires they mount.

since those tires are listed at $93 a tire at tirerack, the profit margin is on the high side. but if that includes mounting and balancing, it could be okay.

i personally haven't ever tired the dunflop 8080s (bmw specific designation), but we did try sp9000s and those make quite the roadnoise racket after about 15,000 miles.
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