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are there NON-xenon projector headlights for e46 sedans ?

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are these xenons or....projector headlights with halogen bulbs ?

...i'm assuming that these are just xenon headlights w/o the philips bulds and ballasts.... correct ?
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philips bulbs..... sorry for the typo :p
yeah looks like just the headlight housing with no ballast or xenon bulbs. way i can just stick a halogen bulb in that housing huh? :p

anyway, er... how much would it cost to get the xenon bulbs and the ballasts ? And if i end up getting it, is it hard to switch to xenons ?

has anyone tried converting their halogen headlamps to xenons ? i wish i had xenons.....but i still love my car :thumb:
If you want xenons, your best bet is to buy the xenons from It is the entire BMW E46 xenon light kit (OEM).

This would include the ballast, the bulbs and the projector housing. Your dealer will also need to reprogram the car's computer so that it recognizes the xenons (otherwise the bulb out indicators will light up for both headlights).

If I remember correctly, each ballast is about $300. Each bulb is about $150.
Ouch...$900 rite there...

either i work my @$$ off, or i juss live with my ghetto blue bulbs (which i will end up doing :D )

i remember bekkers sell them for $800... i guess for that price, i'd get myself some knock off rims or something

but yea.... THANX ALEE!
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