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Are these the sidemarker bulbs?

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My car is odd. The previous owner installed clear sidemarker lenses, but left the front indicators and tail lights :confused:. The problem is, one side would flash a vivid amber matching the other signals, but the driver's side was a really washed out yellow, just about white. Another curiosity.

So today I went outside and removed the lens to take a peek at what's going on. Turns out the bulb was indeed amber, but all of the paint on the outside of the bulb was flaking off badly. With an old sock in my garage I scrubbed off what was left of the paint. Wondering if the other side had a similiar but less severe problem I took off that lens too. Perfect bulb there :dunno:.

I just want to head down to the auto parts store and buy some replacements, the dealer is way too far away just for that. So I need to know what the model number of the bulb is. The manual is useless on this, and it's pretty hard to read the printing on the bulb itself. From what I gather this bulb is the closest, as many sites indicate that it is a sidemarker light replacement.

Any idea?
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I was toying with some that came with a recent shipment. The bulbs size is 12V 5W. They were Blue Visions, model W5W.
Thank you.

I figured you would reply, weren't you the one who got the complimentary sidemarkers from Powerbulbs? How are you liking the "Super White" look?
Yes, that was me. I ended up removing them. they just looked a little funky with all the other orange markers. Besides, they blinked a very bright white. kinda annoying.

btw - check my previous post for part info. You can also go to the powerbulb site for this as well.

hope this helps! :)
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