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ARRRRGH! Seat clicking!!!

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I knew I shouldn't have gotten the damn fold-down seats. They are making a persistant "clicking" noise when the car is moving. Is this the plastic band on the top of the seats hitting against the frame of the car? It's driving me freaking nuts! Do you think slapping on copious amounts of plastic conditioner would help?

Harrrrumph. :mad: :thumbdwn:
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geomax - Yes, I ensured the seats were both properly locked in place. I will investigate this goop. Thanks for the tip! :thumb: However, it sounds more like plastic against plastic... but I am not positive of this. :dunno:
Hmmmm.... someone else drive.... :eek: :yikes: :tsk: :eeps:

Heh heh heh :D
Felt pads didn't help

I stuck thick felt pads between the seats and the frame and it did not help... if anything, it made it worse. So... I'm speculating the noise is coming from the latches. I'll try applying some Gummiphledge to the latches and see if it helps.

I hate rattles. :mad:
Can't find Gummiphledge in my area... do you think Vaseline will work? I've heard it's the same thing.

P.S. No jokes :rolleyes:
Silicone spray... I spray it on the exhaust chute on my snowblower to keep the snow from sticking. Is is safe to spray on leather? Also... what about the plastic strips where the seats meet the frame... and the metal latches?
Thanks Alex

I will try the silicone spray... results to follow...
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