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ARRRRGH! Seat clicking!!!

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I knew I shouldn't have gotten the damn fold-down seats. They are making a persistant "clicking" noise when the car is moving. Is this the plastic band on the top of the seats hitting against the frame of the car? It's driving me freaking nuts! Do you think slapping on copious amounts of plastic conditioner would help?

Harrrrumph. :mad: :thumbdwn:
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Check the ski pass thru doors

I also noticed a plastic clicking sound about a month after I took delivery. I traced the problem down to one of the little doors for the ski pass through. The door on the trunk side of the pass through was not seated properly in its hinges. One side was seated in the hinge, but the other side was loose. I took the door completely off its hinges and then reinstalled correctly - no more clicking noise.
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