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I bought my 528I (1997) from a good friend of mine. The ASC light on the dash was on. Not an issue in state inspection. The dealer wanted to charge $950.00 to fix the problem, said the module had gone bad and needed replacing.
While cleaning my engine I observed a throttle cable was loose in the engine. I pulled it and it was broken. The short cable went to a actuator/motor. I went to the local dealer ship and bought the cable, called the Bowden Cable ($14.99) and replaced it. I had to remove the two bolts holding the motor/actuator in place. After replacing the cable I turned the ignition on and the ASC light was on momentarily and then it went away.
The problem was fixed in less the $15.00 for what the dealer wanted to charge $950 for.
If you have this problem, check the cable if it is loose, has slack or broken simply adjusting or replacing might work. I will try and post pictures later today to show where the cable is located.:thumbup:
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