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Which luxury car would YOU buy?

  • BMW 745i/Li

    Votes: 23 34.3%
  • MB S430

    Votes: 27 40.3%
  • Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Audi A8 (not S8)

    Votes: 15 22.4%
  • Lincoln Town Car

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Cadillac DeVille DTS

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Assuming that you were in the market for a luxury car:

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Which one would you pick?

The fact that you want a luxury car is a given in this poll...

Yes, I am beating a dead horse. All of these are quite good luxury cars, some more biased towards sport or luxury. I think that the new 7 blows them all away in terms of luxury and performance :thumb:
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I picked the Jag VP, because you didn't give as a choice the car I'd actually buy: The XJR. Yes, it's a dated design, but it has emotion in a way that the Buick Motor Works design doesn't (and never will). Plus, it's got that smokin' 370+ hp supercharged V8, which is pure heaven to an ex-Detroiter like myself.

Of course, if I *really* had 70K to spend on a car, the M5 wins hands down, not least because it's one of the few cars in the segment which offers a stick. But you restricted this to more luxury oriented automobiles, which to me means "automatic." If I had to buy a slushbox, the Jag is the obvious choice.

Speaking of Jags, anyone see the tech specs on the new X350 (the replacement for the current XJ)? Weight is supposed to be an almost unbelievable 3350 lbs, or about 400 lbs lighter than the current car. Compare that to the porker 745 (which easily exceeds 4000 lbs, if I'm not mistaken), and you can see that the new Jag has a lot of performance potential. Throw in Wolfgang's influence, and I think you're looking at a pretty hot product.

Plus, it was actually designed by someone with eyesight. :thumb:
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johnlew said:
I might go for the Bentley Arnage

I think the Arnage is a bit out of the price scale, but if the Arnage were a choice, I'd go with that over the XJR.
Josh (PA) said:
It would have been interesting to add the previous 7 to this poll. If you had to chose between an e38 740 sport or an e65 745i which would it be?
Oh, that's too easy. The E38 sport is one of the most elegant designs BMW has ever done; it's right up there with the E34, IMHO. As between that and the new design, there's no contest. Give me a 740i Sport in Imola Red with the M parallels any day.
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