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This was posted before, but I decided to spice it up a little :)

This is not a sponsored show or anything, but instead just a nice informal get-together where we can all just admire each others rides and talk about our passion for cars (esp. BMWs ;) ).

This is a family meet. Bring your wives, kids, pets, etc. (my wife, son, and little dog Romeo will be there too :D )

We will meet around 1:00 PM, feel free to bring food or drinks (no alcohol please) for either yourself, or the entire group (if your feeling generous :D ).

I believe we will be meeting in the parking lot of Astoria Park, if any details change I will keep you guys informed (subscribe to the thread if you like).

It will be a nice 75 degrees with partial clouds this weekend, perfect weather for a meet.

Please do post below if you are interested in attending. Although this is mainly an F10 event, other BMWs are welcomed as well. Even if you haven't confirmed your attendance, you can join us if you like.

Astoria Park is a great place to take shots, with beautiful views (and soon to be some amazing rides), here are pics to give you an idea.

Thanks to @Eki88 for this idea.

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