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Attention Clean freaks & Alee & Mike 325ix - this pic is for you !!

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I took this picture today with Alee & Mike 325ix in mind.

They are such fans of my older dirty wheel picture I figured I'd give them a shot of an updated one

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You right, it's real dirty, here's a pic

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vexed said:

It doesn't look as bad as in the closeup shot
I think the same thing when I look at my car, it doesn't look as dirty as it really is until I look real close,

Wait till poor Alee see's it !!

heh heh heh

Also, I haven't seen Mike posting as much lately maybe because I haven't been around as much either but he's got some new material on me for a while !!
Nate, you definitately win . . .

That picture even makes ME want to wash it !!

. . . or at least stop by the local car wash !!!
Re: Re: Attention Clean freaks & Alee & Mike 325ix - this pic is for you !!

Mike 325xi said:

Here is a picture of my car with it's new M68's that I installed today :thumb: for you to look at while I call the Wayne, PA rescue squad and tell them to expect a call from alee for the siezure that he will have when he sees your picture :yikes:

Re: Re: Re: Attention Clean freaks & Alee & Mike 325ix - this pic is for you !!

Alan F said:


This is what happens when i try to leave a mesage after having a lot of wine !!!

BTW Mike, that 4 wheel drive SUV looks great with the M68's

Whatever you do, don't lower it !!

Seriously though, your car looks f**king awesome !!!!
Re: Re: Re: Re: Attention Clean freaks & Alee & Mike 325ix - this pic is for you !!

Mike 325xi said:

I installed them today. Only a few people knew about it. Al found the ad and pointed me towards them and I got a great deal. they arrived yesterday and I put them on today.
whew . . . you replied fast, go up and check out my wiseguy remark above !!!

I couldn't resist !!

Also, did you guys notice the NEW background in my pics. No longer seeing sooooo many houses as my old pics . . . new neighborhood !!!!

just as a reminder, here's my CLEAN car in my old neighborhood !!

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I moved in back in Novemeber . . . this is part of the reason I'm not around as much

Just to give you an idea, here is the back of the house before we removed 'the forest'

Here is the back after, it's still not done yet, they still have to come back, spend a few more days and grade the land more with a tractor or whatever you call that thing

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CCs328Ci said:

Looks nice..I did mine that way too, green grass now..takes a while to take shape :( I still have about 15 acres behind me of woods forest.. love it..just wish spring would finally get snowed yesterday, March has been like January :(
thanks guys . . .

CC - 15 acres of wood forest left ? ? That is incredible . . . Property like that in Long Island is for Multimillionaires.

It is such a populated place that my old neighborhood people had 1/4 acre lots (if you were lucky) and now we have about 1 acre lots in the new area which to me is more than I ever could have wished for.
Mike 325xi said:

It looks like the before and after pics from Mt. St. Helens!! :D

But seriously...that will look great when you are done. Nice house Alan :thumb:
thank's Mike, it's getting there, it's actually a pretty cool house because it is shaped like the letter U

The bottom of the U is the back of the house which you see from the picture. The front of the house looks cool because you have to walk inbetween the U to get to the front door. I don't know if that explained it well but I'll post another pic in the future to show you.
PM 325xiT said:

You forgot all of us from PA are obsessed with your dirty wheels:tsk:

My god man at least go to the hydro-spray:cry:

Congrats on the new house. Looks :thumb:

I've asked Mike and Al for their opinions but they are just so shallow minded.:rolleyes: Do you think the Style 68's would look cool on the wagon? (Mike do not read this or supply an answer)

Congrats again & please wash the car, Alee can only take so many dirty car pics:eeps: :D
That's true PM, I forgot your right there with them !!!

I think the M68's would look really good on the wagon, in fact not only would it look good but you would love the handling benefit you'd get from the wider tires. Just be prepared for some ore road noise then you currently have.

Also, keep in mind that if you buy the wheels and don't like them, you could see them pretty easily and got most if not all of your money back.
Mike 325xi said:

Here is a couple of pictures of how your wagon could look with new wheels
ROFLOL . . . Mike you are a cruel guy ;) ;)

Those pictures are pretty funny, I don't even want to know how you found them :confused: :confused:
Phil, I did a search on for a picture of a wagon with the sport package wheels and didn't come up with anything.

I remember seeing a picture of it once and I think it was on that I saw it.

Did you try to search for a picture of one yet ?

Have you tried going to a bmw website out of the USA where you are able to buy M68's as an option or maybe they have a 330 wagon optioned with the M68's ?

This way you could see a picture and decide for yourself.
But phil have you tried to find a picture ??

Have you tried a BMW website other than the BMW USA website. They probably are an option in other countries !!!
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