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At the risk of incurring your wrath, you do know that the SES light is usually an indicator to call your dealer. Also, most of the time, it will not reset itself and can only be reset by a dealer.

It might be a minor thing or it might be a major problem. Regardless, going to your dealer will not cost you anything (as you're still under warranty). Go.

And, as a rule, posting the same question to multiple forums will not get you an answer any faster.

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I wasn't trying to post in multiple forums... when i checked back in the off-topic board, my post was deleted or removed temporarily. I even PM'd Ashe about it. Thats why i decided to repost this in the detailing forum (thinking my original post was deleted) where I was sure I could catch alee's attention. I know the rule about posting in multiple forums and my intent was not to break this rule.
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