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Attn : JON SHAFER....

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when is the info on 2003 coupe coming out?

is it possible to get i delivered by Sept or Oct
i heard i can order in july
is that right

thank you
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i am planning to order around august 10
do you think i will get it by mid-october?
dont really understand this ordering thing

what??? does it take that long to order?
you mean i have to wait until late august to order?

cant i just order in the first week of august and get production date on first week of septemeber?

why do i have to wait for a month to order?

thats crazy...that means 4 months of waiting if the car is to arrive in december
wait i don get it..
do you mean i can only order at arounf the end of the month?
is there specific production date every month?

so i have to order in end july to get august production
and if i order august i will get sept production
how many production dates are there in a month?

is that wat you mean?


i plan to order in maybe on 5th august...and its only 5 days more from end july ...why it make so much diference?
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thanks for the info
ill call my dealer for more info
so you are saying that although on end of july you already submit the specifications for the vehicles to the BMW NA, you can still modify the vehicle spec accoding to my order on later date(when i order on august 6th) ?
WAM said:
Therefore, in a nutshell, if you want a 2003 car as soon as possible, call Jon Shafer and place a deposit.

Jon will contact you when the car is configurable and submit your order. This way you should be able to get one of the earliest build slots.

I did pretty much the same thing. In about June 2000, I knew I was moving to the US, I called Jon and told him I wanted X car. When I got here, I waited for the ordering info to be released to the dealers and submitted my order. I already knew what I wanted so it was easy. Then it was just a matter of tracking the car through the various production stages.

My car was built on Sep 15, shipped from Bremerhaven on Sep 25, arrived in Port Hueneme on Oct 24. Shipped to Cutter Motors on the evening of Oct 27.
i have not arrived at US yet....i'll be going to US in 3rd of can i order and place a deposit?
oh btw, i'll be living inSF bay area
will i be able to get my car early?
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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