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Attn : JON SHAFER....

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when is the info on 2003 coupe coming out?

is it possible to get i delivered by Sept or Oct
i heard i can order in july
is that right

thank you
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vodc4 said:
so you are saying that although on end of july you already submit the specifications for the vehicles to the BMW NA, you can still modify the vehicle spec accoding to my order on later date(when i order on august 6th) ?
What Jon is saying so long as a car's spec is changed before it reaches status 150. Now, when a particular car reaches status 150? It depends on how much beer the factory workers drank during the particular week the car is going to be built. :D

Just kidding. But as you see, there is a buffer zone between when a dealer gets an allocation, a dealer specs the car, and when a car goes to status 150. It is during this period that a dealer can still change the specs of an allocated car.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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