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when is the info on 2003 coupe coming out?

is it possible to get i delivered by Sept or Oct
i heard i can order in july
is that right

thank you
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The info should be out mid-late july.

When I ordered my '02 in late July of '01, the new options info had just come out. (Although pricing info had still NOT come out at that point)

You will NOT be able to have an '03 car delivered to CA in September. Actually, mid-late October would be more realistic to get to you there.
vodc4 said:
i am planning to order around august 10
do you think i will get it by mid-october?
It depends...

if you are custom-ordering a car to your specs, then you are bound either to your dealer's allocations or to their ability to locate a car that is already being built that matches your exact specs.

If they are unable to find an allocation or a car from their July allocations (August allocations won't come out until late August), then you will order in late August and the car won't be built until October. Then you won't get your car Late November or Early December.

(It takes 4 weeks just to ship the car from Germany to California. If you are wanting the car by mid-October, that means it has to get on a boat by mid September, which means it has to be built in the first week of September.)
you don't have to wait a month to order--you said that you were going to order on August 10.

If you want the car in October, you must order at the end of July.
Hopefully Jon S. will weigh in soon....

My only experience is with ordering an M3, which admittedly is different because allocations are scarce, but:

BMWNA allocates a certain number of cars to each dealership in the U.S. each month. So, BMWNA will tell your dealer, "We are allocating you 5 325Ci's, 5 330Ci's, 2 330Cic's, etc..." So, it is up to the dealer to tell BMWNA how they want their allocations configured. If they have people who want to order one of those cars, they will let the customer spec them. If not, the dealer will spec them to their liking. Allocations come out from BMWNA near the end of each month (aroiund the 20-25th). So, theoretically, by August 5 your dealer may have all of their cars spoken for already by other customers. This is probably unlikely, so you should be fine with waiting until August 5)

But, the best advice I can give is, CALL YOUR OWN DEALER and ask them these questions! They should be happy to tell you everything you need to know and tell you almost exactly when you will need to order and when you can expect to receive the car, based on their own experience.
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1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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