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Aug. 17th Z car tech session in SoCal

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Hi All -

Some of the Z3 people wanted to have a kind of tech day, so I will host one on Sat. Aug. 17th at my place in Huntington Beach.
Eric has called it 'Bushing and Tilting by the Shore'. We will be doing the Doug Whalen seat rail bushings and the seat tilt mods.

Here's the roadfly link:
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Re: It's still on . . .

scottn2retro said:

HACK will be there as well. Maybe he can use some of what he sees in one of his articles.
So there will drinks and munchies flowing, scantily clad women? These are a few of Hacks favorite things. I could use a set of bushings and couplers. Drivers side only, the passenger is lucky to be there. Will there be enough to go around or should I order some parts? Oh, tell Eric to bring Max.....Good boy!!!!

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