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Auto-lock issue

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I have the auto-lock option enabled on my car.
I noticed for the last 2 days, that the passenger door does not lock anymore, after I start driving. The other doors lock, no problem.
If I choose to lock/unlock the vehicle from the switch between the seats, it locks/unlocks no problem. If I choose to lock/unlock the doors via remote key fob, again, it locks/unlocks without a problem.

Anyone had this problem, heard about this, or can help? I am an absolute moron when it comes to electronics, so I have absolutely no clue whatsoever what I should look for, etc.

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Only two perhaps observations ... but neither is exactly what you present ... so I bow out after this ...

1. I brought my bimmer, while still under warranty, to the stealer because when I LOCKED the doors via the key fob, all but the front passenger door would go down.

It was intermittent, and the BMW guys were ready to hand me back the car ... but eventually they replaced 'something' and the problem never occurred again.

2. When my trunk loom was badly frayed, NONE of the doors locked at speed.

I agree, neither of these is your issue ...
the passenger door does not lock anymore, after I start driving
Not sure what it is Blue, the lock operation works in any circumstance, less in programmed auto-lock. And only that particular door. Nothing was done to it either.
I paid attention this morning: Once the car reaches the speed, all door locks close, even the one I was complaining about. So I thought stuff went back to normal. Once I arrived at work, I noticed the passenger side lock button was up. The door lock opened up sometimes during the drive, after it locked. So this is what happens. Why, what to check or how to fix this, I don't know.
Random behavior is usually caused by the microswitch which reports back the status of the locked/unlocked position. It's in the lock actuator motor.
The reply by acoste is the highest probably of your problem. The problem resides IN (!!) the door somewhere.

2001 540iA Sport
my driver door was doing this as well. the symptoms were intermittent. replaced the door actuator & no further issues. i would check the wiring in the door to the actuator & the bowden cable position to ensure everything is correct as they do sometimes get loose or out of position. the actuators do get worn over time. if you can change the window regulator you can change the actuator, the process is similar. good luck.
Thanks guys. i will look into this. i will replace the speakers this weekend, so it comes at a good time.
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