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AutoBlog reviews 2012 BMW 328i 3 series sedan

AutoBlog has great review of the 2012 BMW 3 Series Sedan up on their site with a video review as well. Jump over to AutoBlog and watch the video and let us know what you think. The N20 inline 4 cylinder turbo sounds very loud and diesel-ish to me, what do you think?

AutoBlog also commented on the driving dynamics -
A base model 328i with no optional dynamic or drive-safety tech, the Clutch Pedal Package (yes, that's a joke) and standard 17-inch wheels would certainly have had us in a different groove storming over the mountains and valleys. With the load of helpers we had aboard, however, the 328i did everything we asked of it, exceeding its job description and doing it noticeably better than an E90 could.
When the road cleared and gave us an opportunity to let this duded-up 328i Sport Line strut its stuff, we poked off the stability controls by leaving the Driving Dynamic Control selector in Sport+, switched off the traction control and went for it. Understeer has been diminished, though on a 328i (versus, say, a 335i or M3) there is still some plowing as a reminder to heated drivers to cool their heels. Through the curves, with all traction and stability tech shuttered, the 328i activates its electronic limited-slip function to assist the rear differential. The result? Better handling than we expected for a model this low in the 3 Series range. When the tail goes a bit wide on exits, it is distinctly more satisfying and sporting than the heavier E90 328i.
We like the F30 design a lot. From certain angles, the aggressive front can feel like it's from a different car than the rest of the body, but we like it the more we looked it over. It's almost possible to think that the Germans have nearly perfected the art of taking a few risks on a mainstream model while at the same time realizing how to arrive at an enduring design inside and out. Couple these looks with a more dynamically accomplished chassis, and this might just be the best driving 3 Series ever... and the best car in the segment. Again.
The AutoBlog Frist Driving impressions of the 2012 BMW F30 328i sedan is the most in depth review yet. Jump over, read it and give us your impressions -

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I like it in the photos. Not sure I would buy a first year production car. Still like my NA inline six, too.

Despite those curmudgeonly thoughts, I suspect it will sell well..
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