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Autobox works fine for a while, then goes into "get home mode", then resets.

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Autobox works fine for a while, then goes into "get home mode", then resets.

Got a gearbox error message and took it to the dealer. At first they said "need a new box" (£4,000) but then thought "perhaps just the control unit will do it" (£500). It didn't. They have also changed the fluid.

The car will be fine in the morning. I'll drive it a few miles, it will pull all gears, in and out of reverse, all just like normal (hence the hope that the new control unit would fix it).

Eventually it will give the error and go into "get home mode" with (I'm told) it holding 3rd gear (I can believe that), a bit clunky taking up drive, a jolt between first and reverse, parking sensor needing to be turned on with the button and the passenger mirror not dipping.

The dealer though turning off and on again would reset it. That doesn't work. Leaving it five or ten mins doesn't work either. Several hours in the day or over night and it does reset.

The dealer told me the error codes are 005088 and 005F2F. They are no longer confident a new box would fix it either and the advice is to try a gearbox specialist. I'm thinking of going to Gravesend Transmissions.
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What could it be?

What makes it reset? Is it time or pressure or temperature?

Is there a way to force a reset?

Driving it am I going to do more damage?
The car is a late 2005 (december) 530i touring.
80,000 easy miles.
Check this and other code threads.

By "control unit" did he mean the mechatronics (hydraulic valve control assembly) or the mechatronics electronic control unit, which attaches to the top of the mecha?

E500 seems low for a new mechatronics;was is a rebuild?

Did he pull the mecha? Replace the rubber interconnects between the mecha and turbine section when he did that? Did the old oil smell burnt when he swapped it?

Check historical codes and then recent ones? Reset and check them again?

Google codes and gather info.

The ZF is a complicated (!) device; see the ZF section in "so you just bought an E60" for a lot of data.
Thank you.

It was a £300 part and a half hour to change it. The work was all external to the gearbox which the dealer (has to) treat as a sealed unit. There was nothing odd about the old fluid.

Reading the other thread it sounds likely that "control unit" is that gear selector unit, and that changing it MIGHT have fixed my problem...but it didn't...
Glad to hear the fluid was OK; that's good news. Confirm with the dealer exactly what they replaced. Did you convert to 80K miles, or mean 80K Km?

They treat it s a sealed unit because its not economic to repair it at the dealer. BMW policy is to replace the unit and send the old one to a ZF remanufacturing station. Then they get recycled units back into warranty replacements. Or charge you for the reman.

Interesting that people who never open the unit feel qualified to diagnose it.

Your best move is to search out a ZF-trained transmission shop. Do your homework; call BMW independents and ask who they use. Check Yelp if its relevant over there, or equivalent. In the UK, I'd be surprised if you have to search long for a ZF trained or even a ZF owned shop.

Highly unlikely this is a ZF-unit replacement-level problem. They're very fixable...if you actually open the case....:D
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