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Here's My Input...

First off, its a great idea to try Autocrossing at least once. You're going to really find out what a BMW is capable of.

JT has already provided good advice with the removal of the spare, and the gas. I autocross ALOT. In fact, I just came from a CSCC practice today and was in San Diego for a BMW AutoX. I used to run 38 front and 33 rear. On the advice of a driver who is REALLY fast, I have been starting with 42 PSI in front and 38 PSI in the rear. Higher pressure in front will induce oversteer.

Remember though that adjusting tire pressures is a way to fine tune your suspension. The car has a natural tendency to understeer, but there are ways to dial it out. In the future, if you like this, you might want to look into camber plates so you can get negative camber in front. The same size wheels (width that is) all around is a plus. Also, adjustable shocks to make the front bounce less and of course sway bars. Set the front to the softest setting and the rear to the stiffest. Finally of course, you can get R-Compound tires which make a world of difference.

Now, this works great with my 330Ci. You're 325Xi may behave and react differently with its all wheel drive, but regardless, you should keep in mind that the main thing is to go out and have fun. It takes time to get good at this, so go in with a good attitude and you'll find that there are plenty of other drivers there that are willing to share information and experience with you.

Happy Driving!
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