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on my 330i I've found best times for my (and your) crappy RS-A's 205 50/17's, at 50 PSI front 45PSI rear. I drive pretty agressivly, and have needed to up the pressures as time has gone on, so 2-5 PSI lower might be a better starting point.

Removing the spare, lightens up the rear a little more, and helps the car rotate nicely. Try to go with 1/4 of a tank of gas.

On my 330 the course is nearly all in second gear, no downshifts needed. You loose major time as you attempt to downshift, in your 325, it should be the same.

The higher pressures really help the tire from rolling over, and tend to stiffen up the steering response (as the RS-A's have a fairly soft sidewall).

Expect the drivers side to feather really bad on the outside edge. RS-A's are NOT good tires to be competitiive with, but they are good tires to learn on, and then get some Falken Azenis, S-03's, or Hoosier's for being competitive.

(You'll have a LOT of fun, if these all season radials aren't squeeling you're not going fast enough.)
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