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A sudden sense of liberty
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Tom, this was like your 3rd event, right? You looked very good out there (and posted very respectable times) for someone with that level of experience. I think your smoothess is good, and the lines that you picked seemed correct (though I think maybe you were taking that one turn at the top of the second loop a bit too wide). The difference between you and some of the faster drivers has a lot to do with experience, and being comfortable with the limits of the car. I'm always surprised by how hard the M3 can brake; I've found that I can drive a lot deeper into the corner than I might expect. I have a tendency to drive more by modulating the throttle than by really getting on the gas and the brake, and while this is great for smoothness, it isn't necessarily the fastest way around the course.

I'd do all the things recommended in the other post (ride with more experienced drivers, etc.), but I think you'll find as you do more events your skill (and your times) will inevitably improve.

I just wish I could have run the course when it was dry. And, Hunter, stop dissing 49s.

Just as a point of interest, for all the valiant efforts of the M3 and E46 crowd, when I left I think FTD was held by an E30 325i (or had the guy in the "318" taken it?).

TD said:
BTW, I saw this thread at bimmerforums about todays event-

While I did not write the original post in that thread, I could have. The similarities are striking, down to the guy's times. I'm not quite as insecure about it, but I do definitely want to know what I need to do to get better. I'm defintely not embarassingly bad or anything, but I'm still a solid 3-5 seconds behind the truly leaders. And my times today were all 50.X s, just like the post's author.

Anyway, IMO, there was some good advice in the follow-ups, so, since I know a few of you are as new or newer than I am at this, I figured you might apprecite it.
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