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Aux Audio issue

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I am getting a wierd buzz (almost like an improper grounding issue) when i use my iphone 4S with the aux port. Non issue with headphones, and non issue when i use the USB port for the car (or any other radio funtion). I have not tried the Y cable since i mostly use Pandora and I dont think this works with the cable (its a 2007 model w/nav).

Anyone have this issue? Is it fixable?
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Try changing your logix to theater...I had the se issue...settings got changed somehow

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Does it only occur when you have the audio device plugged into power at the same time? If so, it's probably a ground loop problem. I haven't encountered this in my BMW, but one of these filtered the noise out perfectly in a previous car I owned.
THx I will check that out. I see what happened in terms of a change. I had the volume on the iPhone really low and compensated by cranking up my volume on the radio. So I maxed out my iphone volume and lowered my radio volume and this is much better, but the filter seems to be worth a shot. BTW it is more noticable with Pandora then the built in music player.
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