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Hi All

If someone can please help, this is driving me nuts. I bought diagnostic package from this is installed on windows 10 using there installer, I want to code the auxiliary input into stereo , I have installed all wiring and came to code it in , I have ncs expert 4.0.1 , inpa all work fine with no issues. I am following this video as only one really available. I get all the way to it says "read ecu) then I get the following error " COAPI-2041: wrong ecu coding index" I believe I have updated the daten files by following the below instructions to v41 and 50.2 with the same error when reading ecu. " To update the daten files, copy the files from SP-daten-E##\daten to the C:\NCSEXPER\E##\DATEN (where E## is whatever chassis you're updating). You will also want to copy the files from SP-daten-E##\SGDAT to C:\NCSEXPER\SGDAT (they're not separated into different chassis in NCS Expert, so you just want to copy and paste everything to that directory. Overwrite everything it asks about). The last step to fully updating the install is copying the files from SP-daten-E##\ECU to C:\EDIABAS\ECU "

I am using these profiles in ncsexpert

Revtors's NCS Expert profile

In the video it says use expert mode when changing vehicle order I have used EXPERT MAN and Expertenmodus then I use Revtors's NCS Expert profile to code

Please someone help , all I want to do is code a aux input in , I have a E61 530D MSport

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Hi, everyone I'm having a same problem coding aux to my e60 530d 2005, so I have installed the cable which was no problem, and then I moved on to code it to my vehicle. I added to my Vo +NAUX then I moved on to the next stage and I keep getting the following error, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Everything works fine, I coded my new battery and some other things, but cant read cappl unit. Also tried update my spdaten files to v.60.1

Error in CABD! Look at CABI.ERR and ERROR.LOG!
COAPI-2041: Wrong ECU coding index A_E60CCC: CODIERINDEX= FFh
COAPI-2041: Wrong ECU coding index CODIERDATEN_LESEN
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