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Well, after looking into Aux Input, and did some searching. YES, $40 for the OEM cable might be worth it. But the fun of this is a DIY project. So I follow THIS post, and some others I've found, and I found a way to make things VERY easy to make the cable.

This is the cable u'll need:
You might need to re-arrange pins to fit correctly, according to the 1st post of this thread if u have a NAV.

If you do NOT have a NAV, u'll need this extra little guy:
U'll need to re-arrange the pins and use the extra "1-pin" connector above, move yellow wire pin from the 3-set, to the "1-pin" and arrange them like this.
If you want to make things REALLY neat at the HU's connection, u can get this and use it as a harness. This way, u won't need the "1-pin" little guy, just move all the 3 wires out and put it into this 10-hole "harness" and line the pins up correctly.

If you want to add the capacitors and resistor into the wire, just cut the wire some where in the middle, and add them to it. A good example:

Total Cost: less then $10. It's just fun for a DIY project, instead of paying $40 for the OEM cable.

Then follow the DIY installation of the Aux Input cable.
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