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We decided on a destination for the June tour, Little America in Flagstaff for lunch. We did this tour in June 2014 and it was a sensational success with the members. The tour itself was great and the food was truly outstanding as was the atmosphere in the dining room.

Only 6 days before this tour starts! Please send your RSVP to my email address below if you have not done so already, I need to provide the restaurant with an accurate head count by Thursday the 18th. Destination details are below, and I will email route information to those attending.

The club tour will be on Saturday June 20th. The destination will be the Little America restaurant & hotel in Flagstaff (link below). We will have the complete menu to select from and billing by couples. We'll be set up at a long banquet table in the main dining room.


Paul Ebeyer, President, Arizona BMW Z Series Club
[email protected]
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