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Just had a triflo exhaust installed on my 2000 540 today. I wanted a little more growl, but didn't want anything excessively loud, droning on the freeway, or sound like it should be on a Honda.

I left the factory resonator on, did not remove or change that. Maybe at some point I'll go with a high flow unit, but I wanted to be incremental. Right now I don't plan on changing anything.

Appearance - seemed good quality. All chrome with nice beaded welds chromed as well. Exhaust had a slightly larger diameter pipe that fit over the factory pipe where the stock exhaust was cut off. Supplied was a clamp to clamp it on, but I had it welded on. Once on it tucked up in the space nicely. I was given a choice of it being more or less visible and I had it tucked up high so the only thing really visible is about a 1/4 inch of chromed pipe pointing down like the factory exhaust did. Right now less is visible with this than with the factory exhaust, but that is adjustable.

Sound - all sound differences are below 3000 rpm. Even above 2200 rpm it is hard to tell much of a difference in sound. Almost no difference at WOT. I couldn't hear any difference on the freeway with the car loafing along in 6th. Where you really can hear a big difference is from a stop, primarily below 1200 rpms. It's got a VERY noticeable sound difference at a stop, sounds like a v8. Deep growl, not raspy at all. Cruising at 30mph in town, I can't really hear much of a difference inside the car unless I put it in 4th to get the RPM's low. But from 0-20mph it is very noticeable.

Power - I can't tell, and no plans to dyno.

Hopefully this helps anyone thinking about that unit. All in all I am very satisfied.
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