Bought and installed both about 6 or 7 weeks ago for my 430i Gran Coupe. Traded it in for an M4 last week and removed these first. Paid about $680 for the JB4 with their Bluetooth connector, and then another $50 or $60 for the K&N air filter. I'll add pictures if anyone wants, but I feel like a month old JB4 and K&N filter are pretty self explanatory... There is no damage, no broken tabs, no chuffed wires, never dropped, never wire tapped into, not modified in any way... its basically perfect... Hell, even the K&N doesn't even look like it was used, I could probably put it back in its bag & box and pass it off as brand new it's so clean. For the most part, im firm at $500 and if I get asking price I'll pay for shipping and tracking; thats just over $200 off all 3 parts. Your welcome to make an offer though, but ill hang onto them long before i let em go for pennies on the dollar. Any offers made, unless mentioned otherwise, will be assumed you'll be adding more to the offer to pay for shipping. Or you can gladly pick up in Bourne Ma (Cape Cod) at my shop or house, unless we discuss a possible meeting point or delivery somewhere relatively close. Will also consider trades for aftermarket parts for an F83 M4 or my G14 M850i should you have any (both are already tuned however). Thanks for reading.