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OK, just got my car 2 hours ago from the main dealer. I took it on Tuesday afternoon and received it today.Total time in the dealer was 2 days.

In that period they have repainted the front hood, and two right doors.
a. Paint is a complete match. They said they used(of course) OEM BMW (Glasurit??) paint.
b. I have seen some imperfections on the clear coat, like some dirt sat on the paint before it dried up. Not much, but nonetheless, they exist. So, not really "factory standard" paint.

Also, something REALLY PISSED ME OFF. I gave the car in with 115.967km, and took it back with 115.997km. It is not like they had to test drive the car or something, they just had to paint it.

After asking them why the car has had 30km exactly more, they said that they took it to the other bodyshop that is located near by, at the RANGE ROVER dealership. I mean, this is 5 or 6 km away, not 30.

OK, since the car was ok, and the paint job was ok too, and they gave me a good price as well, and they were quick, I decided to not make a big issue out of the 30km.

Also, before delivering the car to me, they decided to give it a quick cleaning, so, the freshly painted surface got some clear coat light scratches as well. BMW paint it so easily scratched.

I am wondering if it is possible to apply KLASSE AIONE and SUPERIOR GLAZE on a newly painted surface. I mean, I dont want to create some more scratches, since the car has just been painted yesterday.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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