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Back from the Fest...

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First of all: Thanks to Cutter Motors and Jon Shafer for putting this together. Was great to meet a few board members too. :D Great event and fabulous lunch too! pictures taken either from my digicam or regular cam. :( Just no desire to take any pics at all..sorry... :(

However, there was an overwhelming of E46 M3s that I literally puked in the restroom. Jon did promise me a prime spot. But after an hour, 3 M3s swamped in and parked in front of my car.

Met two fellow Alpina nuts, one of whom took close-up pictures of my wheels 3 times. Pple saw the retrofit, but only 3 of them approached and asked (italia330i with the M3 paddles shifting wheel backed out in the last minute...).

Am I the only one who felt that this feels little like WheelPower event?

Now, I am just sunburnt and exhausted...:confused:
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VinceTopasBlau3 said:
Thanks for listening everyone. :) It was a great moment to introduce Plaz, Haus to Emission (where are your pictures of the *car*?;)), Kevin, Dave, Kaz, HACK and Shinobi. Oh yes, Nat Brown too...

I think Sonet pretty much put it all together without being there. And Haus (still here in LA, flying back tomorrow morning) commented "There is a lot of money around here today!"

Frankly, the ONLY thing that is worth taking a picture is the RD E39 with its V8 exposed to everyone. What's so interesting is that RD employed the concept of Venturi Tube Effect to draw the air in. A feature which 31st330i, Kaz and I discussed with 31st330i's ESIS project last year. I believe this has been done on numerous other race cars too.

Before I write too much and sounded I am b*tching, fact is I am not. I enjoyed because of meeting friends whom I met from the first Malibu Canyon run. I totally appreciate Kaz for bringing up the tools I requested, just in case someone needed to retrofit the paddle-shifting. :D I also enjoyed the Fest because Jon Shafer and his team worked really hard for this event. Oh, I finally met Dan Perdue, who as usual looked very stress due to the overwhelming demand of parts.

My highlights were:

->Plaz at a T-junction shooting videos of cars rolling in! :D

->Dave put up a picture of the infamous Bangle DesignWorks group picture on this car.:lmao:

->Meeting up wtih Haus for a dinner at BroadWay Deli, 3rd street. :)

->Hack woke up late for the Fest! :lmao:

->Someone came up to me and ask "Who the hell is Alpina".:confused:

->The red grapes are sweeter than the green ones.:yikes:

->And like I said, meeting old and new board members!:thumb:
Puttin' my 2 cents in, I think there were a few interesting cars there, but they're mainly off to the side. Kurt (didn't catch his lastname) had a Phoenix Yellow M Coupe that was pretty cool. Phoenix Yellow on a no-nonsense, toss the designers out the window car like that is actually really stunning. The HENNA RED E30 M3, whom I thought was the winner of last years best of show, was again a stunning car. There was a guy with an original 5 series (I forgot the model designation) in PRESTINE condition parked 3-4 cars behind me that was really cool...

Now that you mentioned Nat Brown, I did not have a chance to meet him as well...Perhaps I should've worn tags or stayed next to my car. The fact that we slept in also didn't give me much time to socialize. Saw Kaz, Vince, Emission, jAB, Kris L., and Sergio323Ci there.

Again, sign me up for Bimmerfest West 2003 PLEASE!
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