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Back from the Fest...

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First of all: Thanks to Cutter Motors and Jon Shafer for putting this together. Was great to meet a few board members too. :D Great event and fabulous lunch too! pictures taken either from my digicam or regular cam. :( Just no desire to take any pics at all..sorry... :(

However, there was an overwhelming of E46 M3s that I literally puked in the restroom. Jon did promise me a prime spot. But after an hour, 3 M3s swamped in and parked in front of my car.

Met two fellow Alpina nuts, one of whom took close-up pictures of my wheels 3 times. Pple saw the retrofit, but only 3 of them approached and asked (italia330i with the M3 paddles shifting wheel backed out in the last minute...).

Am I the only one who felt that this feels little like WheelPower event?

Now, I am just sunburnt and exhausted...:confused:
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I second what Vince said "There were a ton of E46 M3's there!

Even more amazing was the number of modified E46 M3's! There were some cars with some SERIOUS brake upgrades and suspension work done (probably more show than go). I can't fathom spending $55-60K on a car and then dropping another $5-10K in mods. You can get a very nice barely-used Porsche 996 or E39 M5 for $65K!

Vince, your car is amazing, but it was among a sea of outstanding cars! Don't take it personally.
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