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Back from the Fest...

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First of all: Thanks to Cutter Motors and Jon Shafer for putting this together. Was great to meet a few board members too. :D Great event and fabulous lunch too! pictures taken either from my digicam or regular cam. :( Just no desire to take any pics at all..sorry... :(

However, there was an overwhelming of E46 M3s that I literally puked in the restroom. Jon did promise me a prime spot. But after an hour, 3 M3s swamped in and parked in front of my car.

Met two fellow Alpina nuts, one of whom took close-up pictures of my wheels 3 times. Pple saw the retrofit, but only 3 of them approached and asked (italia330i with the M3 paddles shifting wheel backed out in the last minute...).

Am I the only one who felt that this feels little like WheelPower event?

Now, I am just sunburnt and exhausted...:confused:
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It was great to meet you in the flesh, Vince, and great to meet you, too, Emission!

Great to meet Dave330i, and thanks to him for helping identify THE HACK for me... great to finally meet you too, Hack!

It was great to see Jon and Franco again, as always, and amazing that Mark (pixA4) and his buddy (sorry, man, forgot your name... nothing personal -- I'm just kinda lame that way) came all the way out from Massachusetts. Wow!

There really was a veritable sea of E46 M3s... but Vince, your car was more unique and different than any of them. Even when I thought, "Wow, a carbon fiber hood... don't see too many of those!" -- another one arrived.

The ubiquitous Jimmy540i even had someone parked next to him with an identical supercharged "Dinan 5." Or maybe he has two... I'm not sure.

Lots of sweet vehicles... some that were a little more modded with cosmetics than I would ever consider... strobe headlights come to mind... but mostly just a whole lot of really sweet cars. Some good vanity plates too... "GOT BHP" comes to mind (on an M5).

All in all, an excellent event. Tons of fun. And the Road Rally was amazing... SO MANY BIMMERS IN A ROW!!

I took about an hour's worth of video... time for my first editing project. Will try and get something usable together.

Thanks to Jon, Cutter, Mark, and everyone else who made it possible!!
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