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Back from the Fest...

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First of all: Thanks to Cutter Motors and Jon Shafer for putting this together. Was great to meet a few board members too. :D Great event and fabulous lunch too! pictures taken either from my digicam or regular cam. :( Just no desire to take any pics at all..sorry... :(

However, there was an overwhelming of E46 M3s that I literally puked in the restroom. Jon did promise me a prime spot. But after an hour, 3 M3s swamped in and parked in front of my car.

Met two fellow Alpina nuts, one of whom took close-up pictures of my wheels 3 times. Pple saw the retrofit, but only 3 of them approached and asked (italia330i with the M3 paddles shifting wheel backed out in the last minute...).

Am I the only one who felt that this feels little like WheelPower event?

Now, I am just sunburnt and exhausted...:confused:
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I'm certainly not going to speak for Vince (I don't even know the guy), but I think I can kind of guess what's going on here.

To spend countless hours of your own time doing custom and very unique upgrades just to have someone pull up in a car that they brought to a shop to have it all pimped out copycat style (here's the credit card bill mommy) can be... disheartening.

Buying parts and having someone else bolt them on is one thing; hacking wiring diagrams and the like to come up with a truely rare/unique mod is something entirely different. Then to see a bunch of cluebees gawk at the copycat mod over and over again, that must be frustrating. I see this happen every time I go to a car show.

Again I'm just speculating on assumptions here. :) As an aside, did anyone see any unique mods at the fest?

I hope everyone else had a nice time. :D

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