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Hey Guys,
I'm back home and I just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I would highly recommend to do the Performance Delivery to anyone who it thinking about doing it. It was a blast! I picked it up with 2 miles on it and I just turned 1000 miles today. I am still trying to get all the pix and videos organized but I will include a few pix in this post and will post more later. I do need to go back to the dealer on Friday for the paint protection (full hood, front bumper, quarter panels, door cups, and full rear bumper) and the resist all treatment. I still have not taken any pix of the inside I should get on top of that for you all.

For anyone in the USA with a 2013 x3 with the heads up display (HUD) does your display post the posted speed limit on the display or in the instrument panel? I have not seen this but the owners manual stated that it should. Any help or advice on this matter would be a big help. Thanks.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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