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Bad gas mileage

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I am getting really bad gas mileage on my 2003 X5 we have changed the plugs, wires, filters, used lucas in the gas cleaned the throttle body any ideas on what else it could be?
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Ouch -what grade are you using?? s/b 91 or higher??
there's part of your problem - s/b using 91 or better

i recently bought a 2002 4.4i X5 and forgot and used 89 and got terrible milage and
performance from the engine - until i found out i should be using 91 or higher

thank God i only did it with 1 tankful - next tank i used 93

using 93 now as that's whats available and i get decent milage from it considering its a V8

try using the higher(est) grade available - not really much diff $$$ wise -especially in the long run -car will run better with less problems

regular 89 i think
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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