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Bad IHKA panel?

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It’s a ’97 540i. The IHKA “Auto” seems not to work; just a whisper of heat, and blower does not run. I can control the blower speed at the panel, and heat comes out, so I assume that the FSU is OK.

The outside temp reading is correct.

Any opinions that the IHKA control panel is faulty? I have not read a symptom like this.
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Probably not related, have you ever taken the HVAC panel out to clean the fan and dust around the internal temp sensor?
How about a system reset by disconnecting the battery?
Interesting points.
Worth a try. The ihka panel slides off, be careful with the plastic retainers, the fan lifts right off, its on a magnet, vacuum the sensor, put a drop of oil on the magnet spindle, put magnet back on.
I posted a video on your thread on the other forum for reference for the same tip.

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any codes and their definitions?
I only have a generic scan tool.
Did you check the video that I posted for you, cleaned the panel and had no results?

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I only have a generic scan tool.
Have not yet done that. Thanks for the link.

I have never read about this symptom, so I decided to throw it against to wall to see if it stuck before I rip it apart.

The guy in the video must have long-haired cats!
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